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US Open, 29 Aug'05 .. 17 Sep'05
Women's Singles - Grand Slam

Jahrim (aka Serena Williams) and vondutchboi (aka Venus Williams) are the one and two seeds at this year US Open. Jahrim has not lost a match this year and has won six tournaments out of seven that he has entered. Jahrim winner of both the Austrailian and French Open was unable to compete for the wimbledon title after pulling out in the round of 16. Vondutchboi stayed focused during sw19 and took the Wimbledon title without too much trouble, as most of the top seeds fell in the early rounds Mr devilsh (aka Maria Sharapova), Fred Belin and Norberto H all being knocked out at or before the Quater final stage. So with the last Grand Slam of the year and with many players still with something to prove we look forward to a great tournament. Will Serena Willaims win her third Slam of the year, or could Venus equal Serena's 2005 Grand Slam tally?. Will the in form Sharapova settle a few scores and swipe the trophy or will Fred Belin find some form and surprise them all? Norberto H could cause an upset but has his form slipped after his lack of match practise? time will tell.

Interesting First round matches:

Norberto H (5) vs DONTBEJEALOUS (dontbejealous is the only non ranked player in the draw)

mr devilsh (3) vs muinasjutt (6) (could be a quater or semi final match up)

Points Table & Tournament Information

Winner50pointsTournamentUS Open (16 draw)
Runner-up30pointsTypeWomen's Singles - Grand Slam
Semi Final15pointsDate29 Aug'05 .. 17 Sep'05
Quarter Final7pointsCourtThe Americans Championship
Round 11pointSurfaceHard
SetsBest of three (6 games per set)


Latest Scores: 21.9.05-16:30 Final: kash321-vondutchboi1 6-3, 6-2 +++ 16.9.05-4:20 Semi-Finals: kash321-fred belin 6-2, 7-6 +++ 13.9.05-14:49 Semi-Finals: vondutchboi1-oDEVLISHo 5-7, 6-4, 7-5 +++ 12.9.05-3:16 Quarter-Finals: kash321-D0NTBEJEAL0US 6-0, 6-0 +++ 9.9.05-5:14 R16: kash321-jenks10sne1 6-3, 6-2 +++ 8.9.05-22:54 Quarter-Finals: tiger toons-vondutchboi1 0-6, 0-6 +++ 5.9.05-22:16 Quarter-Finals: abraracoursix29-oDEVLISHo 1-6, 2-6 +++ 3.9.05-16:37 Quarter-Finals: fred belin-Kdjammal 6-3, 6-0 +++ 3.9.05-5:11 R16: Kdjammal-gognol 6-1, 6-4 +++ 2.9.05-18:20 R16: oDEVLISHo-Tantsutallinn 6-1, 6-4

First Round

Stoffic wins all French affair!!!

38th ranked Stoffic 29 overwhelms fellow compatriot acedeejay to take the match 6-0 6-1. In the short one sided encounter acedeejay could find no way through the barrage of shots coming from a determined Stoffic and was simply out classed. The Frenchman will now face the winner between Mr devilish and Muinasjutt in the next round.

Vondutchboi tested in three set opener!!!

Tesbrad has only played three matches this year before going into the match against world number 3 vondutchboi. On paper this should have been a walk in the park for the 2nd seed but a gutsy Tesbrad had other ideas. The underdog played some great tennis and unsettled Vondutchboi in the first set taking it 6-4. But vondutchoi came back strong and found his form when it mattered most to level the score at one set all. In the deciding set both players couldn’t be split and inevitably it went to a tiebreaker. At 5-5 it couldn’t have got anymore tense and it was anyone’s guess to who would win, but when a forehand form Tesbrad clipped the net and fell out Vondutchboi served at match point and snatched the victory. Final score 4-6 6-1 6-7. Vondutchboi lives another day and his title bid is still alive next up will be the winner between tiger toons and geoepee.


New York Bagels anyone!!!

World number one and top seed Jahrim humiliated newcomer Dontbejealous in just fewer than 40 minutes. It was clear from the start that the unseeded American was out of sorts, and possibly match practice as he gained a walkover in the first round over Norberto H. Dontbejealous looked uncomfortable on court and clearly couldn’t find any form it almost became uncomfortable to watch for the New York crowd. As the match quickly went on and no matter what tactics the American used jahrim had an answer. The top seed powered, sliced, lobed and simply outplayed his opponent to walk into the semi finals. The final score… two big fat bagels. Jahrim had this to say after the match “This match wasn't one of my favourites. My opponent began to use some tactics that I don't exactly agree with, so I threw them right back at her, and as usual, the better player won. So, I am happy to be into another semi final at a grandslam!”

Fred sets up clash with top seed!!!

Fred belin made light work of his quarterfinal match with a straight sets win over Kdjammal coming through 6-3 6-0. The match started off with some promise but like so many woman’s matches at this stage of the tournament, it turned out to be a one sided affair. Kdjammal has a good game but when it comes to the big occasion its not there and is something he will have to improve. Kdjammel has had a good year and if he continues to make the later rounds he should make the end of year championships. Fred now meets top seed jahrim in the semis, on the top half of the draw.

Devilish rides the storm!!!

Mr Devilish overcomes difficult blustery conditions to book his place in the semifinals beating stoffic29 6-1 6-2. Devilish and stoffic knew from the word play that it was going to be a hard day at the office playing on a windy Armstrong court. Both players had to adjust their games as the errors mounted and the wind (lag) came and went time and again. In the end Devilish was able to hit hard through the conditions and stoffic29 looked deflated. It was terrible conditions that stoffic faced on his first tournament quarterfinal appearance. Mr Devilish moves on and makes his 11th semi final appearance of the year.

Tiger toons kamikazes out!!!

Tiger toons 10th ranked player in ITST falls to 2nd seed and world number 3 vondutchboi love and love. The crowd expected vondutchbpoi to come through the quarterfinal match up but not many thought it would have been that easy. Tiger Toons would be the first to admit that he played terribly and gave no opposition to his opponent but vondutchboi played a good solid match and has found some form that he has been looking.Tiger toons had this to say about his performance today “I believe that I put lead in the shoes of my miss well played and afflicted not to have to give resistance.” That now ends the quaterfinals and we now know who plays who in the semis. Its no surprise that the top 4 seeds have made it to last four. Will the results go with the seeding our will there be some upsets time will tell. Its jahrim vs Fred Belin and mr devilish vs vondutchboi. Ladies and gentleman the tournament has finally started.
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