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US Open, 29 Aug'05 .. 20 Sep'05
Men's Singles - Grand Slam

The US OPEN, one of the biggest tournaments worldwide will be the stage for one of the greatest comebacks ever! MrGer is back and according to some experts he is even better than in the past and the question might occure " Will he win it again?" One year ago MrGer won this prestigous tournament without losing one set but this year it won´t be that easy! Elite players like Fred Belin, VINCEanity or Le dieu will let everything out there to go away with the title! However we shouldn´t forget the so called silent favourites! mecir72 for example has already shocked the world by beating retired superstar Ayoros this year and of course we have to watch out for home crowd favourite and hardcourt specialist LOAFDOG! Anyways, the US OPEN ´05 will present you tennis at its best and you should not miss one single match!

Points Table & Tournament Information

Winner200pointsTournamentUS Open (128 draw)
Runner-up140pointsTypeMen's Singles - Grand Slam
Semi Final90pointsDate29 Aug'05 .. 20 Sep'05
Quarter Final50pointsCourtThe Americans Championship
Round 430pointsSurfaceHard
Round 315pointsSetsBest of five (6 games per set)
Round 27points
Round 11point


Latest Scores: 20.9.05-18:31 Final: fred belin-VINCEanity 5-7, 4-6, 3-6 +++ 19.9.05-19:49 Semi-Finals: fred belin-Norberto H 5-7, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 +++ 18.9.05-23:51 Semi-Finals: II Germain II-VINCEanity 6-4, 4-6, 4-6, 3-6 +++ 18.9.05-17:28 Quarter-Finals: nanoufunk-VINCEanity 0-6, 3-6, 5-7 +++ 16.9.05-20:26 Quarter-Finals: mecir72-fred belin 0-6, 2-6, 1-6 +++ 15.9.05-19:35 R16: mecir72-Dirty Fred 7-5, 6-2, 6-4 +++ 15.9.05-15:56 Quarter-Finals: II Germain II-malicious robot 6-4, 7-6, 2-0 +++ 15.9.05-14:42 R16: nanoufunk-Soulmagic80 6-7, 6-4, 6-1, 6-4 +++ 14.9.05-20:26 R16: Egesame-VINCEanity 2-6, 2-6, 1-6 +++ 13.9.05-23:43 R16: malicious robot-Sabre36O 6-0, 6-1, 6-21st and 2nd round news

With match play well underway some results have already been coming through. Most results are for 2nd round matches due to a number of byes for most players

After getting a bye in the first round it was the world number one FRED BELIN who made his first appearance today! His opponent, the unseeded TESBRAD tried everything to give the Frenchman a fight out there but fred belin was just too strong! With his crucial angles and his amazing serves he literally "killed" tesbrad by giving him not one single game! It seems that Fred Belin is focused like he has never been before. He is really one of the main favourites, no doubt about that!

Another second round match was held on court Nr.4! The 17th seed MR DEVILSIH had to give his best against the very talented new comer FERNANDEL BE! Right from the begining on fernandel be lost any respect and showed the world what his game is about! In the end it was mr devilish´s serve which decided the match! He was able to hold his serve pretty easily which put all the pressure on the very skilled newcomer. 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 was the final result but although he won it in three straight the 17th seed is still stunned by the performance of fernandel be.

The first surprise happened on court Nr.6. MEZRIM, known as a very competetive sim player defeated the seeded NUGSSON with 6-0, 6-1, 6-4! With this dazzling performance mezrim proved many experts wrong who didnt believe in his arcade skills! Mezrim started like a rocket and Nugsson just couldnt find an answer! Only in the third it seemed Nugsson found his rhythm but it was mezrim again who had the better end off! With this outstanding performance mezrim might become one of the biggest surprises of the US OPEN ´05. He is now already in round 3 and maybe it is just the begining

The first round match between GURIJUBA and HANSONBROTHERS turned out to be very one sided. It was a so called "golden game" for gurijuba who destroyed Hanson with 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. Hanson had some obstinate injuries before the OPEN and it seems he just could prepare himself for this prestigous tournament the way he actually wanted. However, after this "easy" win he will face a way mor competetive opponent in the upcoming round. Muinasjutt will give him a tougher fight, that´s for sure

The second round match between former star player MAGIC WADDLE FR and TIGER TOONS was played at the Grandstand yesterday. After a long absence the Frenchman presented himself in very good shape by winning his match in three straight! He dropped only one game and according to insiders magic could really go far in this tournament. However, in the next round he´ll need his best form anyway. Whether it will be EZE or Dirty Fred, magic waddle fr will have to give his best if he wants to "survive" another round.

The next seeded player was kicked out of the US OPEN ´05 yesterday! GOGNOL lost a very close match against his compatriot STOFFIC 29 in 4 sets. After the 30th seed won the first set 6-3 it was stoffic who won the following two with 6-1, 6-1. Stoffic was the active player on the court and his offensive minded game was just too much for gognol. However in the 4th both players showed their skills again and an amazed crowd was pleased when the two compatriots went into the tiebreak.There it was the unseeded stoffic again who was able to dominate the game. 3-6, 6-1, 6-1, 7-6 was the final result and stoffic advances to the third round in which he will most likely have to face superstar X le die X. Good luck stoffic, you´ll need it ;-)

Home crowd favourite LOAFDOG211 is already in round 3! His opponent TEX MEX had to give the American the walkover due to a torn ligament suffered in an exebithion game the day before.

JEPPY BOY seemed to be in a destructive mood today. In front of his home crowd he refused to take pity on his chanceless opponent MOACMOII. Whether it was his amazing backhand or his devastating serve, jeppyboy controlled the newcomer in every single way. Moacmoii tried a lot but neither his surprising net attacks nor his deep top spins were effective enough

A negative highlight happened on court Nr.6! TISM OZ known for his unsportsmanlike behaviour on the courts was disqualified. After wrecking 4!! rackets he insulted the refree and the shocked crowd. In the end he even wanted to fight with his speechless opponent BRONXBALLERZ. The ITST had no choice. TISM OZ will have to face serious consequences after he flipped out once again!

After winning his first match pretty easily against an injured opponent, GURIJUBA had no chance this time. In front of nearly-packed house of highly appreciative tennis fans in Arthur Ashe Stadium, the 15th seed MUINASJUTT put on a great show, taking out a chanceless gurijuba with 6-0, 6-1, 6-2.

The late night session presented a very exciting match up. VINCIE C had to face the Swiss newcomer PARTYTIGER1976 and it was everything but an easy match for the 28th seed. The unseeded Partytiger employed a powerful forehand against the Dutch man, tallying 21 forehand winners and controlling most of the long rallys, making Vincie C scurry and sometimes even frustrated. However, hitting winner is just not enough. The Swiss was just to unconstant by having 35 unforced errors on his stats-sheet. Further he had serious troubles with Vincie C´s surprising drop shots. Partytigers immaturity and inconstancy prevented him from beating a groggy Vincie C who finally won this interesting 2nd round match 6-2, 7-5, 6-3.

At the Grandstand GERMAIN aka MrGer, one of the greatest superstars of the ITST, went to buisness yesterday by beating the German talent TOPPDOGG76 6-2, 6-2, 6-3 who turned out to be a tough opponent. Eventhough Toppdogg played one of his best matches in his young career, it was last years champion who dominated the match. Amazing passing shots, wicked angles and crucial risk shots, Germain still knows every book of the game. With this virtuoso display of all-court tennis the superstar underlines his status as one of THE favourites for the tournament title. His next victim might be the homecrowd favourite LOAFDOG who is his opponent in the 3rd round

The seeded DJTRUNKS had no problems with his opponent some hours ago. An amazing 38 winners and impressive 19 aces were just too much to handle for the unseeded BASELINER1. Right from the begining there was no doubt about the winner of this match and the result, 6-1, 6-0, 6-1, just reflects the dominance of djtrunks. However his next challenge could be way bigger. Mecir, one of the main favourites, will not take it easy on the Frenchman.

Everybody is talking about mecir, fred belin and VINCEanity but what´s about NORBERTO H ? After some silent weeks he is back in buisness and according to him, he is ready for the title! His first victim was ERICUS MAXIMUS. In a very one sided match the crowd gaped at a man who literally destroyed his opponent. Ericus Maximus didnt win a single game and if you look at the stats-sheet you may find some reasons. Norberto H hit unbelievable 49 winners and he served over 210 km/h throughout the whole game. Keep talking about the pretended favourites but you must not forget Norberto H.

The very talented BASICDIM had to face the sim specialist SLANKO but it wasnt the expected showdown. Slanko had severe problems with the windy conditions and lost the first 6-0 and after pulling his biceps at the begining of the second set, he had to retire.

VINCEANITY had his first match today against the American BRONXBALLERZ. Vince controlled the match wihtout showing something special. Bronx is talented and hit some impressive winners but his service was just too weak. Vince could break him whenever he wanted and finally he won this match 6-0, 6-1, 6-1

The 5th of September was everything but a banner day for the US. After BronxBallerz and Loafdog it is former superstar EZE 17 who has to say good bye. EZE 17 was rusty and unimaginative. DIRTY FRED prevailed in straight sets against the American and most of the fans were surprised with the relative ease in which Dirty Fred handled his opponent throughout the whole match.

SUPER SAYIEN entered the courts today and his opponent could have been more than a challenge! CHEWIE has already had some impressive results this year and insiders expected a rusty Super Sayien after his long absence. They were wrong. The Frenchman was as dominant as he was at Roland Garros where he was the runner-up. The 4th seed won this match easily with 6-2, 6-0, 6-2 and maybe we´ll see him in a grand slam final again

SCHUMILUDO had not that may problems against the unknown ACEDEJAY. 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 was the result of this more than one-sided match. Schumiludo didnt even take his clothes off but he ´ll have to, at least in the next round. His opponent is soulmagic80 who advanced to the 3rd round due to the retirement of silent favourite chielos.

SUS ANTIGOON, one of the best and most talented newcomers this year, had an easy match yesterday. His opponent PARAJOHN won only three games in the whole match and found himself in an unpromising situation from the begining on. Sus Antigoon was never in danger of losing this match but stayed focused till the end. The next round will be tougher, no doubt cause his opponent will be the ITST veteran NANOFUNK who will reach deep into his well of Grand Slam experience. Still some 2nd round news to come

3rd round

Arthur Ashe Stadium was packed and the crowd witnessed one of the most exciting matches so far. Home crowd favourite and hardcourt specialist LOAFDOG vs the legend GERMAIN was one of the most wanted matchups of this tournament and it came up to the hype, without a doubt. The reigning US champion started well and was in complete control. He won the first set 6-2 and it seemed to be another one man show by the superstar. However, LOAFDOG didnt give up and as time went on he found his rhythm. His serve improved up to 65% from 39% in the first and the volleys painted the lines again. The American took the 2nd and after losing the 3rd he bounced back in the 4th again. This battle of two superstars had to be decided in the 5th and the crowd went wild after an early break of the American but Germain played his best tennis when it was needed most. He won the 5th 6-2 and had some kind words for his opponent after this 5 set thriller "Thanks for the good game loafdog i really enjoy the match" 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 1-6, 6-2 was the final result and Germain passed his first big challenge but as we all know, there are sill some left.

Another 3rd round match was played at the Grandstand today. NORBERTO H faced VINCIE C and after dropping not one single game against Ericus Maximus the day before, a lot of experts predicted a tougher match today. It seemed, the Austrian didnt care. Once again his devastating serve was too much to handle. The first set lasted just 16 minutes and whether Vincie C tried to hit to the left or right corner or drop a shot over the net, Norberto H was there to return it with conviction. His new trainer Christian Waber is convinced " Norberto is better than ever and I dont see any player out there Norberto cant beat. He is my favourite Nr.1" We will see...........

Norberto H´s trainings partner and favourite VINCEanity had a tough match some ours ago. The 2nd seed was really in danger of losing the first set and the whole match. His opponent, the talented VRAPTOR, was more powerful and aggressive and took an early 4-0 lead. Maybe surprised by the wimpy performance of VINCEanity he lost his rhythm and 4 games in a row.In the game again Vince closed the set out with a decisive break at 5-4. This very tight first set seemed to be kind of a weak-up call cause the following two sets werent that close anymore. However, Vince has to stp up a gear if he wants to win his 3rd grand slam in a row

EL MIXTER vs MR DEVILISH was a very anticipated matchup and the crowd was more than pleased after this 4 set thriller. One break more on the stats-sheet of mr devilish gave him the edge in this high classy match. You dont believe it? Check this out! The first three sets were all decided in the tiebreak and eventhough the very talented Swissman won the first tiebreak in the first set he lost his confidence after blewing the following two. However, in the 4th it was close again and el mixter had many chances to break the 17th seed but mr devilish hung in there and survived these dangerous situation. At 5-5 a totally frustrated el mixter got broken and had nothing to give anymore. 6-7, 7-6, 7-6, 7-5 was the result of this showdown and again the world watched tennis at its best

Silent favourite DIRTY FRED cruised to the 4th round by outcalssing the former star player MAGIC WADDLE. The 8th seed was convincing throughout the whole game only in the first set he had to go through some tough rallys but after winning it 7-5 he had no problems anymore against a demoralized Frenchman.Dirty Fred fired loopy inside-out forehands that dipped just inside the baseline and ripped angled passing shots off both wings to win the following tow sets pretty easily with 6-2, 6-4. Dirty Fred started this tournament as a so called silent favourite but after two stunning performances he is defenitely more than that

Pushed to his first 5 set match the promising newcomer STARBUG74 run out of gas in the 5th. After losing the first and the third set against a very strong STOFFIC 29 he came back everytime by playing fantastic hardcourt tennis. However, it was not enough becasue in his most important set of his life so far, several muscle cramps prevented the German from sealing his biggest victory in his young career. He let everything out there but Stoffic was there when this battle came down to the line. At 4-4 in the 5th, StarBug had cramps again and lost his service which decided the match. The unseeded German pushed Stoffic to the limit before the Frenchman prevailed 6-3, 2-6, 6-0, 3-6, 6-4 in a real thriller.

We expected a really tight and close match between the rising newcomer SUS ANTOGOON and the skilled veteran NANOFUNK but this match turned out to be a lesson for the Dutchman. Nanofunk started off the match brilliantly, breaking Sus Antigoon at will when he forced him into several backhand errors with his amazing groundstrokes. Sus Antigoon seemed to be shocked after this dazzling performance but the first set was just the begining.Nanofunk then raised his game to the heavens, hitting whichever shot he chose in the following two sets and ran straight over the chanceless newcomer. The "nanofunk-express" was just too much to handle and Sus Antigoon hast to realize that there is still much left to learn. However, I want to congratulate him for his amazing way up and I am sure he is one of the future champs.

The improvement he made the last 4 months is just unbelievable. VONDUTCHBOI became more than a talent, he became more than a tough challenge, he became a player who can beat anybody and who has probablyone of the most powerful risk on risk game worldwide. According to some experts, vondutchboi is in his best form ever and the performance against IRVINE 50 today just showed again, how dangerous vondutchboi actually is. Irvine 50 didnt win a single game and was overpowered by the amazing and breathtaking riskshots of vondutchboi. Whatever he tried, the 21st seed was there and had the better answer. Now it is official, maybe two of the hottest players on the tour will face each other. Norberto H and vondutchboi have bring it on and you must not miss this battle between one of the best baseline players in the world.

SOULMAGIC80 is unseeded and was the clear underdog in his match against the 23rd seed SCHUMILUDO but it seems that the Swiss didnt care. An obviously swamped Schumiludo had absolutely no idea how to handle the unconcerned newcomer from Switzerland. Right from the start, Soulmagic put up a lot of pressure on his opponent by attacking every serve of Schumiludo and after only 23 minutes the first set was history. Everybody expected a way tougher second set but Souldmagic just didnt want to take it easy on his shocked opponent. Again he lost only one game and a broken Schumiludo knew, that the 12th of Sept. has not been his day! It got even worse. After losing the first two 6-1, 6-1 he totally blew the third and didnt win a single game. In his next match Soulmagic is the underdog again and he is still unseeded but to all appearances he loves being and unseeded underdog and nanofunk should be prepared cause he wouldnt be the first seeded player who became a victim of Soulmagic

4th round

FRED BELIN, one of the main favourites, was almost kicked out of this tournament. At a packed Grandstand it was the underdog who dominated. MR DEVILISH showed no signs of tiredness after his very long match against el mixter and frustrated the world number one with his impressive baseline game.The 17th seed found the baseline with ease on his ground strokes, placing them well and with power. However, if today's match gave you a feeling of déjà vu, that's because it was fred belins serve again which helped him to stay in the game. After 23 aces the round before the Frenchman had 29 this time. Whenever he needed an easy point he aced his opponent and the favourite took an early 2-0 set lead but this is not the end of the story. Mr devilish stepped up his game in the third and won this very close set in the tie break. We´ve already witnessed some amazing comebacks this year but not this time. Heading into the fourth mr devilish continued his outstanding play but against fred belin, often an outstanding performance isnt enough. Fred put the 4th away with 6-3 and is already in the quarter final.

Last years Champion GERMAIN aka MrGer cruised to the quarters with ease by destroying his helpless opponent STOFFIC 29 in three straight. Again it was his outstanding all-court tennis which was too much to handle. Germain presents himself in a great form here in New York and many people are already looking forward to the much anticipated matchup between Germain and VINCEanity. However, this time the Dutchman was never really tested and dropped only 2 games in the whole match. Reaching the quarter final is nothing special for the superstar but after his long absence it is already a great effort. When an interviewer asked him playfully about his potential battle aginst VINCE and his chances to win the US OPEN again Germain said "It will be tough but I know me and my skills and far more important I know VINCE, he is afraid of me and I´ll beat him thats for sure ;-) "

Austrian superstar NORBERTO H who is still desperately searching for his first tournament win took a big step yesterday infront of 23 000 enthusiastic fans. His opponent was the dangerous VONDUTCHBOI and every single expert, expected a close match. It was close but only in the first set. The Austrian, taking advantage of his superior foot speed, scrambling defensive ability and high power baseline winners, appeared to be untouchable right from the begining on. Vondutchboi is one of the best risk-on-risk players on the tour but Norberto H had the better end off in almost every rally. However, in the first set it was pretty close and both could have won it but a fantastic return game at 5-5 gave Norberto the edge. This spurred him on and gave him the self-confidence he imperatively needed. The following two sets, the 5th seed played like a real superstar, and it is very doubtful if there is anybody out there who can stop a red hot Norberto H when he is playing like that. Vondutchboi had simply no chance and whatever he tried, it wasnt enough. The Dutchman was overpowered and outplayed and the Austrian was in complete control. Norberto H started the tournament as an underdog. After two stunning performances against Ericus Maximus and Vincie C he became a so called silent favourite but after this match, Norberto H became one of the major favourites and he has to realize that if he keeps playing like this, the US OPEN title 05 could be all his.

Eventhough he lost in three straight, we must not forget vondutchboi who became a legitimate top 10 player this season. According to many top players on the tour, this guy has insane skills and it is just a matter of time when he gets his first tournament win. Thanks for playing the US OPEN

The REAL XMAN was always a dangerous and talented player but since the start of the US OPEN 05 something is different. Somehow he stepped up a gear and concivincing performances this season so far just underline his improvement. Against SONICJEZ it was another demonstration of the Belgian. His riskshots are maybe the most powerful on the tour but now they are even accurate, furthermore his serve became a real weapon. The 6th seed cruised to the next round by dropping only 3 games and the experts agree on the fact that the one-time unimaginative risk shot player has every shot in his arsenal, and every quality on display: speed, agility, finesse, power, creativity and a champion's killer instinct! Is he really ready for his first major tournament win!?! According to VINCEanity he is but as we all know, tennis is sport and sport is just incalculable

The tournament is already in week two and it seems that VINCEanity gets better and better as time goes on. Today he played his best match so far and advances to the next round by taking out sim specialist EGESAME in three straight. His next challenge will me most likely the french veteran NANOFUNK. We will see if VINCE keeps improving his game, against nanofunk he defenitely has to!

Next on court was the 7th seed NANOFUNK against the newcomer SOULMAGIC and it should be an easy one for the French veteran but the unseeded Swiss put up a great fight before losing a tight 4 set match. Soulmagic started promising by winning an ubelievable close first set in the tie break. Both players started the match with trading service breaks but when it came down to the line it was the unseeded newcomer who made a crucial mini break at 5-5 in the tie break. After losing the first set 7-6 the French favourite was literally forced to step up a gear and when he was in trouble again he reacted like a realy superstar. Right at the begining of the second set Soulmagic continued his stunning baseline game and took an early break and the 3-0 lead. In danger of losing the second set as well nanofunk won 5 games in a row and the took this very interesting set with 6-4. Still mullin over his 3-0 lead in the second set, the Swiss totally lost his rhythm and began to struggle on his service games, converting just 41% of his first serve. Nanofunk, mature enough to realize that his sopponent is in real trouble, raised the level of his game in this period of time and took the third easily with 6-1. However, heading into the 4th Soulmagic was able to regroup himself and after a very one sided third set the 4th was a true battle again. Wanting a 5th set the crowd supported Soulmagic in every way possible but nanofunk knows every book of the game and didnt care much about the wild crowd in Arthur Ashe Stadium. At 3-3 he broke his opponent who couldnt come back anymore. The Frenchman advances to the Quarters in which he tries to setup the Austrian number one VINCEanity and the very talented Soulmagic can really be proud of himself after this stunning performance

The night session began with a blockbuster. MECIR who has already beaten any top player this season was up against his compatriot DIRTY FRED. Dirty Fred is in good form and after his two convincing performances against Magic Waddle and the US top player EZE a lot of people predicted a tough day for the rising superstar mecir. However, mecir had his own plans. Although Dirty Fred tried everything possible mecir proved to be too strong today. Whether it was his cucial serve, his breathtaking volley game or his panther-like counter attacks, mecir was all over his chanceless opponent. Only in the first set, the 8th seed could compete with the steamrolling Swede but whenever mecir was in trouble, he was able to raise the leve of his game. Obviously frustrated, Dirty Fred realized that whatever he tries, it wont be enough. Mecir simply outclassed his opponent and advances to the quarters with a dazzling 7-5, 6-2, 6-4 victory over Dirty Fred. Pleased with his performance mecir had to say this "Finally the match could be finished. The match was suspended to due to poor weather conditions on tuesday with mecir72 leading 7-5, 6-2. Playing today I was able to break dirty fred once and hold out the match without too many problems thanks to a few errors from dirty fred. A good win for me because dirty fred is without a doubt as tough as they come! ... Lite sämre spel idag... svårt att hitta rytmen. Ha det gott vi hörs

Quarter Finals

It should have been one of the most exciting matches of the year but MECIR vs FRED BELIN turned out to be one of the most one-sided encounters of the US OPEN so far. The crowd was shocked when looking at the scoreboard. 6-0, 6-2, 6-1 was the final result and this is with no doubt one of the biggest upsets in ITST history. However,mecir, one of the most popular players on the tour, didnt disappoint! He served well, and tried to be aggressive from the begining on, furthermore he was the dominant player in almost every rally but once again fred belin stayed in the game with his incredible defense-skills. He moved around the court like no one else and whatever mecir did, whether his redoubtable net attacks or his prefect placed returns, fred belin had the better answer. Obviously disappointed mecir had to say this "Not the best match I have played, but certainly not the worst either, even if the scoreline suggests it. Fred Belin was totally outstanding today and produced tennis I didn't think possible. All I can say is well played. Too good". Fred belin denied any interview while leavin the Arthur Ashe stadium. Now it is up to Norberto H to compete with the not very popular Frenchman. The crowd will do everythin possible to support the Austrian number two but his friend VINCEanity is convinced " Fred will be destroyed, his "coward tennis" wont be enough this time, Norberto H is too strong and will win it in 4" We are all looking forward to it

Once he was an expert on top spin but he wasnt able to benefit from it. He knew every book of the game but on the court he seemed to forget everything. However, the last several months mecir became one of the best players on the tour. He has already beaten top guns like VINCEanity, Ayoros and even fred belin. He would have really deserved to reach the semi final but nevertheless his is one of the best and nicest players on the tour. Keep it up, you are the man

THE REAL XMAN had a perfect preparation for the US OPEN 05. He played a lot of exebithion games against ever top player and his record is impressive. Whether it was VINCEanity or Norberto H, he beat them all. He felt great and in contrast to many experts he believed in his chance against the reigning US OPEN champion GERMAIN. This self-confidence combined with an impressive baseline game could have been dangerous for the Dutchman but again he outplayed his opponent in a an unique way. Germain seemed to be more mature and more patient and at 2-2 he converted his first break chance and was able to hold out this very tight first set. Eventhough he lost the first with 6-4, the real xman seemed determined not to let his chance at conquering a living legen in a Grand Slam slip away like he had done several times before. And the crowd was pleased, seeing the Belgian fighting and when the second went into the tie break, Arthur Ashe Stadium became a bedlam. Of course they wanted this match to last as long as possible and therefore xman was the man to support. The tiebreak was characerized by long rallys and both were pushed to their limits. At 5-5 Germain played another ankle breaking drop shot but this time it really happened to the Belgian. Letting everything out there he twisted his ankel when reaching it and everything seemed to be over. Germain felt sorry for the ill stared xman but this is sport. He won the second with 7-6 and at 2-0 in the third the real xman had to retire, the pains were just unbearable. Germain is now in the semi again in which he´ll face his friend VINCEanity. Both know each other very well and everything but another battle would be a surprise

Some hours agao VINCEanity proved to be strong for the skilled veteran NANOFUNK. The Austrian number one won this match in three straight and now everybody is looking at the "match of the year" against his buddy GERMAIN. However, repsect to nanofunk who challenged Vince more and more as time went on. After blewing the first set with 6-0 he hung in there and was shot on shot with the great Vince. The Austrian was in big trouble, especiall nanofunks one handed backhand was impossible to read. Whenever Vince tried to put up some pressure with his powerful forehand the Frenchman countered with a perfectly placed backhand down the line. In the end it was nanofunks impatience which decided the match. He dominated many rallys but he wasnt smart enough to benefit from it. Several unforced errors helped Vince to win it in three straight. It could have been way closer than 6-0, 6-3, 7-5 but nanofunk deserves all the credits we have though after some impressive performances here in New York


They are good friends and both tried to play down this semifinal match but right after the first game, the crowd and millions around the world realized that this is gonna be a true battle and both would know no pity. GERMAIN started the match like he has never been away and VINCEanity wasnt able to get into the game. An early break decided the first set and Vince was outplayed from the begining on. Not only VINCE began to think about the US OPEN 04 where he was beaten badly in three straight by the Dutchman. The second set was pretty similar to the first, whatever VINCE tried it was perfectly clear for GERMAIN and again he was a break up. Not able to hold the set out, the Austrian broke him back and at 4-4 he had a break chance again. Finally the 2nd seed got the break with a lucky shot which lead to a unforced error of Germain. Obviously fucked up, the reigning champion blew the following game and the match was tied. The third set was amazing again but this time Germain was under pressure right from the first game on. However, he stayed in the game until 4-4 again. Another crucial break gave Vince the 2-1 set lead and Germain totally lost his rhythm. The 4th set wasnt that close anymore, the Dutchman just wasnt able to recover himself. However, Germain showed the word again, that his is an all time great and although he has been away for ages, he is still the man.

The second semifinal was played at the Grandstand yesterday and lasted over 3 hours cause FRED BELIN and NORBERTO H put up a show we´ll never forget. After winning in three straight against crowd favourite mecir the Frenchman seemed to be untouchable but Norberto was willing to make the world number one touchable again. Entering the court the crowd went wild and chants like " Norberto you are the man" or "Kick the French assz" lasted until the match actually began. The Austrian started like a rocket and put up as many pressure on Fred as possible, cause he knew, letting fred enough time to think, he´s unbeatable. Risk shot after risk shot with an inhuman accuracy, Norberto H was in the zone overpowering fred belin from the begining on. It was just a matter of time when the 5th seed will make the decisive break. At 5-5 it happened and an extremely motivated Norberto H took the first set 7-5. The second set was pretty similar to the first with one big difference, fred belins serve worked again. Norberto was dominant like in the first set, hitting winners and breathtaking recovery shots but whenever he had the chance to break the 1st seed he got aced. It was frustrating and it got even more frustrating when Fred converted his first break chance which decided the second set. In the third it was very close again and again Norberto was the man on the court but he couldnt convert his break chances. Freds serve was there whenever he needed it but at 4-4 it let him down. One double fault and 3 thundering returns form the Austrian were too much for the world number one. He got broken and lost the third set with 6-4 but he bounced back. He won the fourth with 6-4 and this fight went into the 5th set. Both played their best tennis and it was impossible to predict a winner. Obviously the so called "big points" had to decide this battle and at 3-3 the crowd knew, this is such one. 30-40 and second serve, Norberto was in big trouble and he wasnt able to escape. Fred belin took this break and hold the game out, winnin the 5th with 6-4. Norberto was dominant, played unbelievably good tennis, made even more point than the Frenchman, had 23!! break chances but it wasnt enough. Without a doubt, with this performance he would have deserved the vvictory but at the same time we have to give the world number one all the credits we have, beating a Norberto H these days is just brilliant.

Congrats to Norberto H, this man has always been one of the best but after this performance he is even more. Playing the way he did the last period of time, he is top 3 material and he´ll be huge for the masters at the end of the season. Keep it up man!!

FINAL VINCEanity took his 3rd Grand Slam in a row by beating world number one Fred Belin in three straight. According to VINCE it was one of his best match in his career and he knew from the second game on, that this will be his match. However, fred belin played a great tourney but it seems that VINCE had the number on him throughout the whole season. A not very exciting final but altogether it was a great Grand Slams with superb matches.

Thanks to everybody who joined this tournament. It was my first Grand Slam as a host and I hope that you were pleased with my work. Good luck for your upcoming tournaments!!! VINCE
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