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Pidzi completes Career Golden Slam.
Written by Pablo Hernandez
23 Feb'18 - 01:14

Pidzi was able to make history and reach unprecedented heights by becoming the first player to complete the Golden Slam by defeating Pablo in three sets in the final 7-5 6-3 6-3. 

The tournament boasted returning names of Pidzi and inseedious whilst still having a high competitive field with the FO champion Boss, WTF champion Filas along with Kenos who had still yet to break his QF curse despite many attempts but still a force to be reckoned. Other players included Mohd who won in Paris near the end of last season and Pablo who had won in Shangai both winning their first Masters 1000. 


Top draw seemed to be filled with the big names and with a QF showdowns of Boss vs Pidzi and Kenos vs Inseedious, it was already making noise around the AO just of the thought of it. 

TheBoss94 seemed to get off to a good start with a couple of Walkovers due to injury but then dropped a set to the improving TheRetroPrime in a 4 set win after Retro had won the battle of Future players by beating RonnieTheRocket in a 5 set encounter. The longest match of the tournament was Jaws vs rp62 where the newcomer Jaws grabbed a fifth set win 15-13 to cement his place for the first time in the third round of a Slam and he was looking forward to the prospect of challenging himself against Pidzi. The Slovakian however cruised his way through the match and then his following opponent Dreddy where he just lost a total of 5 games in 3 quick sets.

Kenos and Inseedious the other two Italians were on course to collide after they easily dispatched all their opponent in easy fashion barely dropping sets let alone games. Kenos seemed to up his game as matches went along and with a refound energy and confidence using Soderling Inseedious had to be aware of the dangers that his opponent possessed. 


The QF on the Top draw was set and as predicted the main favourites were able to stave off competition and battle each other out to see who the best player was. 

The first QF was Boss vs Pidzi, and Pidzi was going in as the favourite but as the Boss proved multiple times he is the man for big occasions and took the first two sets in impressive fashion. The first two sets were described as lights out tennis by Mats Wilander. Pidzi however had fight in him and the sight of completing his collection proved to much for Boss as he lost the two next sets in quick fashion, setting up an intriguing fifth set. Boss and Pidzi started peaking both at the same time with one trying to be the agressor, however main break was when Boss was serving and he couldnt break Pidzi who sealed the win 7-5 in five gruelling sets. 


Kenos and Inseedious played the second QF and first set was even apart from a few key points in which Inseedious came on top, winning it 6-4 his level rose as the match went along and kenos struggled to match the intensity despite a promising first set losing the following two 6-2.

The semi Final Pidzi vs Inseedious was a match where it had been played all over the world and the fans couldnt wait to see it. It was a even match where no one could predict who was the winner making it a must see match. First set was a serve affair where both player dictated play with their serve which ended up being decided in a tiebreak, Inseedious had multiple set points especially on serve but made a few errors and Pidzi upped his game to take the first set after being in the brink of losing it. Second set was more contested on serve with both players finding their serves being returned more often setting up thrilling rallies in which the crowd gasped with amazement. As the first set it went into a tiebreak after Inseedious failed to convert another set point, and this this Pidzi took it with much ease, allowing him to play freely in the third set and winning it 6-1 and reaching his second AO final.


In the bottom draw Filas was considered the favourite after winning the WTF where he played his best tennis, eyes were set on him to once again deliver in the big stages. He beat his first two opponent in quick sets and was waiting for the winner of Andry and Hummdar who delivered a rollecaster of a match in which Andry came back from a two set down lead to clinch the victory 6-4 in the fifth, Filas however won in 3 sets vs Andry to reach his first QF in the AO.

Mohd had high hoped coming in where he said he wanted to win the tournament and made some remarks when the draw was released.  'Nice draw of AO' ,'QF Fills SF Pablo or Alexjasmin let me dance' ' Even better from facing Pidzi or Inseedious'. 

His first tough test was Don who was able to take him to 5 sets where Don displayed a high level which he is more than capabled off however due to fatigue he wasnt able to keep the level in the last set losing it 6-1.

Pablo was able to win his matches and sail his way to the QF where he was waiting for Leo who unfortunately could not compete and he won through Walkover. 

Mohd and Filas two top 5 players where trying to reach their first SF in the AO, Filas started stronger taking the first set 6-4 and the second in the same fashion, could Mohd dance his way out of a two set down against an opponent who was playing a solid match. Third set Mohd seemed to be able to win it in a tiebreak could he make the comeback he desired so much?!? Under the pressure of the heat Mohd faltered and got broken Filas had just outplayed him throughout the course of the match and was the deserving winner. Some could say Mohd mind was elsewhere maybe in the Final of the AO or Dancing with the Stars where he could perform his routine similar to Alan Pardew. 

Filas and Pablo squared off in the second semis and both were motivated, Pablo as he had never reached a Major Final before and Filas who was looking for his first Major win after falling short two time in the US Open. 

Pablo got off to a great start with a double break and was up 4-0, Filas found a way back and got those two break back to 4-3, however Pablo was able to bounce back from the dissapointment and was able to break once again and serve out for the set. Second set proved to be similar as Pablo was able to break early and with a lucky net cord was able to clinch the second set. As the third set came Pablo was still playing his best tennis however Filas was able to break and get a 2-0 lead, but Pablo broke straight back and went from strength to strength aided by Filas uncharacteristic UE he was able to seal the match with an ace to win it in 3 sets. 

The championship match would be decided by Pablo or Pidzi who was one match away from achieiving ultimate greatness. Pidzi got off to a strong start breaking first game however Pablo broke straight back and has chanced to go 3-1 up but Pidzi saved the BP with a winner. Match was evenly contested until Pidzi latter on the set was able to get his FH clicking and his BH DTL always painting the lines to get the crucial break for the set. Pablo kept trying to find a way to settle down in a match where he was struggling due to immense power hitting but unfortunately he couldnt find a way around it and proceeded to lose the set 6-3. One set away Pidzi decided his best had yet to come and went on a rampant delivering killer blows and going up 3-0 within few minutes and had BP for a 4-0 lead however Pablo decided to once again go for broke and take the ball on the rise to try and unsettle his opponent. Pidzi wouldnt budge and despite trying everything he could he succumbed to another DTL BH  winner and Pidzi had just won his first Australian Open Title and Career Golden Slam with a 3 set win 7-5 6-3 6-3 

Pidzi proving once again that he is a level above the rest of the field, still to be seen if he will ever play again or this will be his last match, but time will tell.


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