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ITST World Tour Finals
Written by Pablo Hernandez
26 Nov'17 - 21:28

The established ITST hierarchy which includes VMoe86, Pidzi, Inseedious,who had qualified for the World Tour Finals decided to not take part this time, allowing new players to make their debut in the World Tour Finals and leaving the field more open than any other previous years.

This will make way for the debut of Pablo Hernandez, Mohd954, Eloymm and Don making it for the non-casual fans an opportunity to see new talent on display. It will be interesting to see which new debutant will be able to make a mark at the O2 Arena.

To add to the unpredictability of this tournaments is that no previous winner is part of the draw, therefore this year a new champion will be crowned.

Group RED: TheBoss94, Filas, Kenos, Don.


Rank. NO.1

Year to date Record: 99-19 (83.9%) Win ratio

Record vs Group: 17-7

6 - 4 Filas

5 - 3 Kenos

6 - 0 Don

Year to date Titles: 10

ABS Classic, US Mens Clay Court Championship, Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Mutua Madrid Open, Roland Garros, SkiStar Swedish Open, German Tennis Championship, Citi Open, Shenzen Open, China Open.

The only Grand Slam winner in this Tournament which was won at Roland Garros this year, adding to his 2 Masters won during the clay season in Madrid and Rome he seems to be the favourite heading into this tournament.

Not only was he able to win 10 titles but also achieve his No.1 rank after his victory against one of the game greats VMoe86 in the Roland Garros Final and since then no one has been able to come no where near, to challenge him for the top spot.

Despite not playing his best in the past few months, due to his experience here and if he is able to recapture the form that took him to No.1 ranked and a GS winner, it will be tough for any opponent to beat him.


Rank NO.5 (4 seed)

Year to date Record: 74-21 (77.9%)

Record Vs Group: 10-8

4 - 6 TheBoss94

3 - 2 Kenos

3 - 0 Don

Year to date Titles: 3

Gerry Weber Open, Hall Of Fame Tennis Championships, BBT Atlanta Open

Making his second appearance the previous one being last year, Filas who will be making his first tournament appearance since St Petersburg Open will be trying to show the form that took him to two US Open Final back to back 2016,2017.

Always amongst the players in latter stages in tournaments he will be hoping to make an impression here and capturing his first win at this stage after going 0-3 last year.  This year he has been able to reach 12 Finals,showing his consistency and high level of play to reach that many final day matches.

If he is able to reach his peak form he will be a threat to the other competitorsand has to be considered as the second favourite for the World Tour Finals.

RANK NO.6 (5 seed)

Year to date Record: 62-22 (73.8%) Win Ratio

Record Vs Group: 9-10

3 - 5 TheBoss94

2 - 3 Filas

4 - 2 Don

Year to date Titles: 0

Making his second appearance after last year as well, the tough battling Italian will be hoping to break his title drough which dates back to 2016. Reaching 6 finals this year however he has not been able to capture any title despite most finals being tight affairs.

One of 2 players (TheBoss94) to reach all the GS QF in this calendar year, showing that in the biggest stages is where he plays his best. There is no doubt that Kenos will be looking forward to play here once again this year.

Despite the title drough Kenos has to be considered a threat to anyone and must not be taken lightly, especially in big stages of tournaments.


Rank NO.13 (8 Seed)

Year to date Record 61-31 (66.3%) Win Ratio

Record vs Group: 2-13

0 - 6 TheBoss94

0 - 3 Filas

2 - 4 Kenos

Year to date Titles: 0

Making his debut in the Year Ending Championship, is Don who has been a loyal and one of the few players who still play the game from when it was released. The last qualified player into this tournament, he will make sure he makes the most of it, and show what we know he is capable of.

He has been able to improve his form as the year went on, despite not winning any titles, he has reached two finals Grand Prix Hassan II and Japan Open Tennis along with many other Semi Finals and Quarter Finals.

The underdog of the group, who if he finds his form will show that rankings wont matter on the day. Keep an eye for an upset.

Group Blue: Pablo, Mohd954, Eloymm, Juani.

Pablo Hernandez

Rank NO.2

Year to date Record: 103-28 (78.6%) Win Ratio

Record Vs Group: 6-11

2 - 6 Mohd954

3 - 5 Eloymm

1 - 0 Juani

Year to Date Titles: 9

Challengers Sophia Antipolis France 25+, Millenium Estoril Open, Ricoh Open, Aegon Championships, Winston-Salem Open, St. Petersburg Open, Rakuten Japan Open Tennis, Shanghai Rolex Masters, Kremlin Cup

Making his debut one of many, is the 3rd portuguese player who is able to qualify with the others being AlexJasmin and Filas. This year he has been able to capture his first masters trophy along with 500,250 tournaments.

He was also able to reach his first Grand Slam Semi Final in Flushing Meadows, and Top 2 ranked in the tour.


Rank NO.4 (3 Seed)

Year to date Record: 100-26 (79.4%) Win Ratio

Record vs Group: 10- 8

6 - 3 Pablo

3 - 2 Eloymm

1 - 3 Juani

Year to Date Titles: 9

Challengers Dallas USA 25+, Open Sud de France, BMW Open, MercedesCup, Aegon International, Moselle Open, European Open, Swiss Indoors Basel, BNP Paribas Masters

Adding to a long list of new debutants is the maverick Bahrain Prince Mohd954 who against all odds, was able to pull of an incredible season which included a Masters win in Paris and achieving a career high rank.

This year he has been able to make deep runs in tournaments, and achieve his life time goal to qualify to a World Tour Finals tournament.

Looking on the uprise Mohd954 decided in adapting no fear method in his matches, and therefore was able to beat many high ranked players along the way. The Bahrain Native is amongst the top favourites due to his form.


Rank NO.9 (6 Seed)

Year to Date Record: 64 - 22 (74.4%)

Record vs Group: 7-8

5 - 3 Pablo

2 - 3 Mohd954

0 - 2 Juani

Year to Date Titles:  2

Brisbane International, Apia International Sydney

The Spanish Native is making his debut along with a comeback to tour, after a hiatus since the US Open where he reached the QF losing to the eventual Champion Inseedious.

Before the hiatus Eloymm was building momemtum with reaching Semi's and Finals in tournaments so he will be looking to reach his highest level.

One of the biggest dangers that Eloymm present is that he is an attacking minded player, who goes for the winner from the first shot so it wouldnt be a suprise to see him in the weekend challenging for the title.


Rank NO.11 (7 seed)

Year to Date Record: 39 - 21 (65.0%)

Record vs Group: 5-2

0 - 1 Pablo

3 - 1 Mohd954

2 - 0 Eloymm

Year to date Titles: 0

The Argentian powerhouse will be looking to pull the upset on the group, unlike the other members in the group he has the least games played, wins and titles won. This shouldnt be looked into too much as he is able to deliver his best and having a positive h2h against Mohd954 and Eloymm.

With Good runs in Wimbledon and Shangai where he reached the Semi Finals along with a run in Australian Open he was able to gather enough points to qualify.

He is the dark horse of the group, but that should not pose a problem if he is able to once again play his best.


The stage is set, despite a few players missing this should be a thrilling tournament as no one really knows what to expect from it, Best of luck to everyone.

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