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Written by Pablo Hernandez
06 Nov'17 - 21:21

During the course of the summer and Autumm new challengers were rising up and stepping up their game to compete for the highest tournaments that the tour has. With the departure of some of the game greats there was bound to have someone to fills their shoes but who would it be. 

During the grass court season there was no dominant force as titles were being won by different set of players. Mohd won at Mercedes and Aegon International whilst losing at the Queens Club to Pablo who also won 2 tournaments leading up to Wimbledon. However due to the neutral play others won tournaments Filas with a brilliant display vs Kenos in a thrilling three set match in which he finally won his first title of the season after not being able to capture a title beforehand. Kenos who also enjoyed a good grass season was able to reach 2 finals although he was not able to win any of them two he showed how of a threat he could be in at the Old England Club. Colombia own MichaelD capture his first title of the season in at the Antalya Open vs Kenos in two but also competitive sets therefore setting up a unpredictable grass court leading up to the Major Trophy.


At Wimbledon Inseedious joined as a suprise participant last minute setting up an intriguing draw especially with the form of TheBoss94 clay court season and him peaking at the right time these two were the frontrunners of being the favourites of the tournament.


As the draw began it seemed set and stone of a potential Italian Final as the two favourites were set on separate sides of the draw. Kenos raced his way through to another QF at a Major where he faced Juani who disposed of one of the tournament favourites Mohd95 in 4 sets after losing the first one on a tiebreak. Kenos and Juani proved to be one of the matches of the tournaments and longests ones as they battled it out in a thrilling 5 set encounter which left everyone at the edge of their feet after all Kenos still had to break the QF barrier in such prestige tournament. After losing the first two sets Kenos found his A game and pressure Juani taking it the distance unfortunately there was only one winner and after a gruelling match Juani won in the fifth 8-6 to go through to another Semis of a GS after US Open 2016. The N1 seed TheBoss94 cruised his way to the semis without dropping a set proving to be in rich form and he continued vs Juani who he won in straight sets and reaching his second consecutive Major final in a space of a few weeks. 


Bottom half of the draw Inseedious and Isaldor proved they were superior to their opponents giving them no chance on a way to a potential SF match up of the two giants. Isaldor beat sixth seed in a Leonmonstroso in a impressive proving that he was still playing some great tennis. In the suprise of the tournament MichaelD beat Filas in three sets a result where no one expected as Filas was amongst the favourites but also due to his consistency on tournaments throughout the season. The Round 16 Dreddy and MichaelD battled out in a tough but also brilliant fashion taking the best out of both set of players and reaching a level of play they had not reached before and despite playing his best Dreddy came up short losing in the fifth set 10-8 where MichaelD experience proved to be essential. Due to a long match MichaelD had to retire from the tournament due to an injury leaving Isaldor with a couple of days rest not that he needed with the amount of time he spent on the court. Inseedious easily reached the QF where he awaited the winner of Pablo and Eloymm in the Spaniard was clearly the better player dominating the match neutralising Tsonga power to come out on top with a 4 set win. Howeved Inseedious still fresh from his matches was able to pull through in straight sets despite Eloymm high level of play. This was an even semis as Both players were playing their best and it was anyone for the taking but Inseedious despite an early set back being broken in the first set early on was able to bounce back and prevail the scoreline did not do any justice as it was closer than it showed.


The final was the one it was expected with One GS set apiece for both Italians. Inseedious started out strong with a break however boss was able to come back and take it to a tiebreak and despite his best attempts he was not able to snatch the set away as Inseed held firm and took the set. However the newly crowned N1 was not going to let it slip easily as he came back back stronger in the second set winning it 6-2 and going to the third set the momentum seemed to swing the opposite way. Third and Fourth set both continued to show great levels of tennis but due to him taking more chances and being more focused and crucial in the biggest moments Inseedious came out on top in 4 tight sets making him a Two time GS winner after Winning the French Open in 2016.

Leading up to the last Major of the year Boss continued his form winning at SkiStar Swedish Open, German Tennis Championships 2017, Citi Open and reaching the Final of the Cincinnati Masters. 

Filas meanwhile bounced back from a early loss at Wimbledon with wins at Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, BBT Atlanta Open and Reaching the Final at the Winston-Salem Open.

Pidzi made a return at the Masters in Canada and Cincinatti and sweeped through his opponents as per usual without a single sweat being used in his way to another masters title.

Pablo Reached his first Masters Final losing soundly to Pidzi in a quick fashion but winning the Winston-Salem Open in a tough final. 


When the Us Open draw was announced there was no Pidzi but there was the Wimbledon Champion and Finalist at the Australian Open Inseedious who made his return once again in a Major. 


TheBoss94 seemed to struggle with some sort of Injury and lack of Match practice as he seemed nowhere near his best dropping sets and having to go the distance in both of his matches leading up to the QF. Pablo won all his matches in straight sets setting up the match at the Quarter Finals. TheBoss94 was not able to produce the form which made him N1 due to Injury and he lost on 3 sets, Pablo even said that if his opponent was able to play his best tennis he would have limited chances of winning. Inseedious once again went through the draw like knife in butter beating the soon to be retired Eloymm who was playing in his last tournament in the Quarters where the Spaniard despite playing his best tennis and being consistent the whole match could not do much at the end. 


Bottom half of the draw Mohd95 who endured a difficult US open swing seemed to be gaining a bit of confidence as the matches went along by beating Klizano who he had just lost a few weeks earlier in two sets as his opponent had to retire to injury. Kenos came through all his matches in a quick manner making this an intriguing match for in which the winner would reach the Semi Final of a Major for the first time. Kenos came racing out of the blocks pilling up pressure on Mohd hardly making an Unforced error and won the first set 6-3. Mohd just didnt want to back down and came back to equal the level being shown by the Italian and took the second set in a tight tiebreak and then soon after was able to break down Roddick serve to win the third 6-4. Going into the fourth set none of the two wanted to give the other the advantage and the match went into a a second tiebreak and the cool head of Mohd95 proved to be his biggest match winner as he was able to keep composure and seal out the victory and making history for his country whilst letting out a huge 'CMON'. 

Filas who was the Finalist of the previous year at the US Open losing to Pidzi on the final had to defend his points from last year and had a point to prove after his dissapointment of the last major was able to dominate his way through to the SF without dropping a single set. 

In the Semi Finals it was Inseedious vs Pablo and Filas vs Mohd95 both setting up a great day of tennis.  

Mohd95 and Filas played their match first and many had suggested it would be a 50/50 match as both were each others equal. Filas had previous experience in this stage and proved to be significant at the early stages of the match as Filas was able to get on the Mohd serve and break him to take away the first set whilst showing a highly accurate set of tennis. Second set both players gave their all in a chance of reaching the final and the tension was rising so was their level of tennis both each others equal but a few errors from the Bahrain player and some agressive play from Filas was to much for Mohd95 who lost the second set 7-5. Third set seemed to be a repeat of the second and during the latter and crucial stages of the set Filas was able to get the break and guide his way to another Major Final at the Flushing Meadows. 


In the second Semi Final Inseedious was the clear favourite due to his previous experience but also due to his credentials. Match started with both players trying to be the agressor and Pablo Struggled and he was broken in the opening game but he did not stop trying to pile of the pressure and take the match to inseedious and was able to break back instantly. This proved to be the last game he would win out of the new few as the Italian proved to much for the Portuguese Native. Second set started out strong from the Wimbledon Champion he broke once again in easy fashion before Pablo broke back whilst changing up his tactics and trying to give a different look to his opponent, but even like that he was broken again however had the fight in him to pull back another break reaching the end of the set the high level seemed to be to much for him and he crumbled under the immense pressure that his opponent was putting on him. After losing the second set it proved to be the end as he was not able to win another game after Inseedious was able to break him down mentally and physically. A bagel in the last set was all he had on his way back home. 


Final was down to the best players of the tournament by far Inseedious and Filas. Would Filas be able to finally win a Major on his second attempt of would Inseedious add on to his Majors titles and make it his third. As expected it started out tough both players trying to focus and not give much away as one point could have changed the set or even the match. Inseedious once again proved to be gaining strength by strength as each set he gained momemtum and was able to seal the match in 3 sets 6-3 6-1 6-0 and capturing his second major of the year and Third in his career sealing and amazing 2 months of tennis. 


Congrats to Everyone especially to Inseedious for his 2 majors and also Filas, Kenos, Boss and others long list for the amazing season so far and keep it up.



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