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MOHD954: The interview of the first professional Tennis Elbow player
Written by Pablo Hernandez
17 Jul'17 - 18:48

For the first time ever we go one to one with the Mike Tyson of tennis, The King of Bahrain the outspoken inside and outside the court, We talk about his idols, finding 'Inner peace' by putting his demons to rest and his goals to be 'The Next Big Thing' along with other Illegal abuse of using Crack.

  • Hi mohd, how are you ?
    You seem to be playing your best tennis lately, how do you explain it ?

Yeah i feel soo much better than last few years and i would like to thank eloymm who let me discover remap strikes inside game which helped me a lot in shoting and being better


  • You seem to be a pretty passionated player, what does TE means to you ?

Its means a lot , i still remember when i was searching for a cracked key to play the full version of this wonderful game , and i was training everyday since 2011 untill 2015 when i buy the key and joined ITST.


  • Mohd, let's talk about that epic match against VMoe. How disappointed were you at the end of match ? You seemed to be taking the loss pretty hard. Some reporters saw you crying.
We played three times can u say which one of them?

  • Roland Garros QF.

Actually i ddnt cry thats wrong cuz only when i win a tournament u will see me crying cuz its too hard to win a title with many good players , so the QF of RG it was a difficult match as u know u r playing with vmoe one of the best players in our tour , so i started breaking him in the first set and in the third set , and i had a lot of chances but his experience is better than me and he flip the table , i was upset but not crying as some reporters said haha


  • You were one of the first player to ever stream your matchs, do you expect to make a living out of it anytime soon ?

I dont think so , cuz i feel great when i stream my matches. with some players which they supporting me , and these matches is like a memories as u know


  • What does loosing in TE means to you ?

Its mean nothing actually but , when u play some important matches it means a lot so, when i lose thse matches i feel bad tbh cuz in some matches high ping and high delay Affects when u play ,even some final matches when u lose it u feel bad and sad in the same time but u should forget it as soon as possible


  • You are the first tennis elbow professional player, how did you get that calling ?

Im not the first professional tennis players how can we forget pidzi and vram and richie and inseedious and a lot who r they a professional tennis player so im not the only one haha


  • Let's get controversial a bit if you may,You were suspended multiple times in the past, how did you put your demons to rest ?

You can say i killed them all hahaa , not tbh when u start playing in the ITST tour as a new player u may did a lot of mistakes , and also i got banned in the past , so all of these thing makes somebody looking me like im a very bad person and im not , thats why after coming back of last time i got banned in 2016 , i start thinking why im doing like all these things , also one of my dreams in this game is to be a respected , so i decide to be another person and thnx god.


  • How does it feel to be the best TE player in Bahrein ?

Im feeling great man , when u play for ur country and reaching top 10 with a lot of amazing players which i was dreaming to beat them and now i bet some of them , im always proud to be the firt bahrainian player who reached top 10 , its an amazing feeling for sure.


  • Is there anyone you admire on tour ? Who's the most impressive player you've played ?
Yes there is , and thnx god i won against him but in a friendly match, its pidzi for sure he is my hero , i was watching his matches a lot and still , he is a complete player , he can be aggrasive and defensive he is all around for sure , and i say to myself: i hope i can beat him at least 1 set and i did it 2 times in a friendly match , he is one of the players who make me better and better , even inseedious i practiced with him a lot these 2 players is the reason of playing my best tennis



  • You're one of the most active player on tour, is there anything you dislike in this game ?

You can say yes , mmmmm actually movement of players is not much good tbh with u and some courts which they r too much bright which is affects on the eyes , but the other things is good actually.


  • What are your objectives ?

Winning a slam and reaching no1 and no doubt master tournamets for sure , i believe in myself.

  • What's your biggest win/accomplishment in your ITST career ?
When i won theboss94 in the final of BMW 250 , when he lead 2/6 then 6/6 with 3 match points he had then i cameback and winning 7/6 7/6 that was my best match and most difficult one.


  • Some people on tour think you are a vulture, meaning you play low ranked tournaments to get easy points/wins, what do you want to say to those accusing you of such behaviour ?

hahaha i stopped playing challenger and future when my ranks. allows me to play them i play them , its normal when i start joining the tour i play these tournaments , but when i reached 20 istarted playing 250 and 500 and masters and slam , all of these tournaments we have the biggest player playing in these tournaments, and these people ddnt respet the other players , cuz when i signed up for chellanger and future , my rank is allowed me to join them otherwise i will not playing them as im doing now cu im thinking in most important events.



  • You play a lot of practice matchs, have you seen any rising stars lately ? Who do you think will breakthrought soon ?

Yeah there is some of players who will be the star in the future like onder1993 and tatlowaute and michaelID they will be the best in then next 2 years


  • Some player play train less than you and get better results, how do you explain it ?

Give me an example of top 20 playing less than me and have better result than me?We can say yes for the top players cuz they r talented but other players i dont see them having better result , and to proof to u , look at my rank now and in the top 10 all of top 10 playing best tennis this year so who is in the top 20 have better result.


  • There were even rumours you bribed ITST Top Management in exchange for allowing you to return on the tour after latest suspension, is that true ?
No way thats not true all top managment starting from djarvik and VMoe (van moe) and isaldor now they the best managment , they give me a lot of chances , all what they do is they trust me to change from myself and being better , thats the case nothing like that they r bigger than this things


  • This year you won your first title on regular tour along with a few others, how did you celebrated it, is there a chance you even drank some alcohol or even eat some pork ?
No, im soo emotional tbh with u , if i won start crying little bit after what i did all the years to be like today , and just being happy cuz im muslim and im not drinking alcohol.

  • One last question before you go. Do you think you are a good role Model and inspiration to other players?

In the real life or in tennis ?

  • As a whole.
In real life im a good role in something and bad in something as u know im not perfect , i had a lot of mistakes , but in tennis i hope in the future to be a good role in my tennis style and being the ideal of him just like me when i said to u before pidzi is my hero and inseedious also , because without these 2 guys mohd will never be like today
  • Thank you so much for having us today and answering our questions. Wish you the best for the rest of the Season.





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