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Andymuzza has the last laugh at Ecuador Open tournament
Written by djarvik
08 Mar'17 - 19:41

Both Andymuzza and C4iLL came into the tournament unseeded, but not underdogs by any stretch of the imagination. Known for their previous level on the tour there was no hiding from a Vulture label.

Both players skipped significant time on the tour, perhaps in an effort to attempt and vulture the lower end tournaments while padding their win/loss and title stats. Andymuzza and C4iLL where previously suspended for various reasons and have made plenty of bad choices in their ITST tour life. Nevertheless, after going through what for them is a "sub-par" draw, the two reached the final. Looking at the other side of the net felt like looking into the mirror as match started, but it quickly became clear who is the superior player of the two. The end result provided no doubt of who is a better Vulture in this encounter with Andymuzza prevailing in two easy 6-2 sets.

Andymuzza improves to 16-0 on the year with his first title at Ecuador Open. Next he will take on willito15 in the Final of Argentina Open in an attempt to win his 2nd title in a raw this year.

C4iLL falls to 5-2 in 2017 and has not entered another tournament as of this article. The subdued Frenchman will have to make a decision what tournament to enter first. Perhaps a trip to Challengers is in order to regain once legendary to a fault confidence.


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