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Mohd954 collects his first 250 title, ZERO complaints filed
Written by djarvik
01 Mar'17 - 21:56

In a strange twist of fate, Mohd managed to go through the draw and win a title without anyone filing a single complain. Perhaps this is changed Mohd, or maybe oil money was involved after all...

To say that Mohd was controversial throughout the last few years is to say nothing. Warnings, Suspensions, Bans were nothing but routine. Chat fighting was the way of life and breaking the rules was oh so tempting and inviting. However after serving his last sentence, Mohd came out from ITST jail with new outlook on life and promise to all - to "stay classy".


With that mindset Mohd took to courts of Open Sudde France tournament breezing through the draw in straight sets while beating the seeds Andry 3000(7), leonmonstroso(2), ThiagoLima93(6) and reaching the final against number 1 seed mignogna. It didn't take long for Mohd to exert his dominance and win 7-5 6-2. ITST officials are discussing a possible inquiry into this event as some reports of large sums of money being donated to ITST before each match surfaced. Some say these were nothing but a "good will" gesture, others suspect foul play.

Whats next for the "Prince of Persia"? Will he be able to keep his cool and continue his march on ITST elite? Or will he fall back to his old ways and end up in ITST jail once again, fighting for crumbs of bagels and baguettes with C4iLL or Andymuzza. One thing is for sure, TE and ITST is part of life for this Professional TE player and giving up is not an option. 


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