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Vramvrim Breaks the Curse
Written by pidzi
26 Feb'17 - 19:33

Vramvrim, probably the biggest underachiever on the tour until his recent rebirth, who almost stopped believing he would ever win any Major title after his four disappointing Grand Slam final losses, two at Wimbledon and two at US Open, finally made his dream come true and after almost flawless crusade he won Australian Open 2017 only with one lost set, beating inseedious in final in straight sets, 6-4 6-4 7-6.


It was not sure until the last moment if this years Australian Open would not miss many of the Top 10 players such as Vramvrim, Inseedious or VMoe, but in the end, all of the aforementioned joined the first Major of the season. Vramvrim as the latest winner of World Tour Finals 2016 was thus on the right path for the coveted title. There were others however, who wanted to have a word for the title, which was ruthlessly reign by Richie for the last three seasons, who was missing due to his 2016 retirement.

Draw, with one of the biggest sign ups in the history of ITST, featured all Top 10 players except Richie and Alexjasmins and 21 players from Top 30. In the Upper half of the draw, two biggest favourites, 1st seed pidzi and 3rd seed Vramvrim, were matched together for potential semifinal clash. In the bottom half, draw had paired 2nd seed Inseedious and 4th seed VMoe for their potential semifinal.

As expected by the bookmakers, upper half was directed by pidzi and Vramvrim without any snag, both not dropping a single set and not allowing their opponents to win more than 3 games in a set, besting such opponents like Kenos or Eloymm on their way. And so their match, which result could very well even predict the winner of the entire tournament, shall begin. Vramvrim was a slight favourite as he has won their last match in WTF 2016 final mentioned above, still it was expected it to be tight and long match.

In the first set, both players tested their opponents what they are capable of and tried to employ various tactics during the process. Vramvrim being the first taking a break for 4-3 lead but pidzi answered swiftly and won next three games and snatched opening set for himself, 4-6. Second set saw much higher quality play from both players overaly, attacking play style was the main strategy for both, second set had most winners and least unforced errors of all the sets. Just like in the first set Vramvrim break pidzi first but once more pidzi rebroke immediately for 3-3. Vramvrim stroke again at 5-5 and this time, finally managed to confirm the break on his third attempt, 7-5. Third set was the most routine and the only one-sided set of all sets, as Vramvrim could hold all of his serve games without any trouble while breaking pidzi right at the beginning of the set, 6-4. Fourth set, was probably the most even set which was proven by the fact that both players held their serves until 4-4 when Vramvrim took a decisive step to finish the match. Pidzi however, known for his resilience till the very end, again managed to rebreak right after and push the set into the tiebreak. That one was however handled by Vramvrim on high level and finished pidzi easily 7-3 in it. 4-6 7-5 6-4 7-6

Bottom half was a bit more unpredictable as Inseedious returned to play his first tournament after a 6 month hiatus and his level was hard to determine, while VMoe was still struggling to find his old top form. As such, bottom half could bring some unexpected finalist. Inseedious looked quite good in his first matches until the R16 match against Karse which he barely survived after gruelling 5-set battle where he was even break down in the final set. This match showed inseedious’s weaknesses which originated from coming back from a long break. Quartefinal vs Juani was then a breeze for the 2nd seed, whom he dispatched in straight sets. VMoe was a little bit more convincing in his part and until the quarterfinals, where he lost a set against The Boss, he showed some signs of high level plays.


Just like upper half semifinal, this one was too very open and both players had more or less same chances to advance further in the draw. It was especially good chance for VMoe to finally break the semifinal gates of gradnslam and look into the Grandslam final for the first time. Inseedious was attempting for a second Major final. Opening set was played by VMoe’s music, often creating breakpoints on return but as a classic VMoe, could not capitalize and punishment in the form of losing the first set in tiebreak had to come. Second was just like the first one, VMoe pushing inseedious often to defence, getting himself into the position of breaking serve but again failing to do the last step and similarly to first set, he heartbreakingly lost second set in another tiebreak. This at first seemed like the end for VMoe in the third set as he early gave a break to inseedious who quickly led 5-2, a score and position, in which VMoe usually sees himself in but ultimately failing to close the sets. Now instead, Inseedious did "Vmoe“ thing and allowed VMoe  a perfect comeback, conceding five games in a row and forcing to play the fourth set. There, despite the score, set was also pretty tight and could go otherwise but Inseedious used his extensive amount of experience and avoided skillfully the unpredictable fifth set, 7-6 7-6 5-7 6-2.

Based upon the performances of both players throughout the tournament, Vramvrim could be considered a slight favourite but mental state could play some serious role in the match, as his previous four losses in Grandslam finals could bring up some bad memories, while on the other hand, Inseedious on the opposite, won his right the very first Major final instead.

Vramvrim started the match against big serving Inseedious with offensive plan in mind and just like VMoe in semifinal, he brought himself soon to position of breaking inseedious early. But unlike VMoe, Vramvrim quickly capitalised on such chances and took a swift break lead which he comfortably held until the end of the first set, not facing any serious situations in his own service games, 6-4. Second set was  the same to the every bit as the first, Inseedious often unable to cover the court against Vramvrims fast paced game and great returning. Vram took again a quick break lead which he held without any problems and took a two set to love lead, 6-4. Final could get into the very quick end as Vramvrim double broke Inseedious and saw himself in a 4-0 lead in the third set. However, maybe underestimation from Vramvrim, maybe change of tactics from Inseedious, unexpectedly help Inseedious to win next five game in a row and forcing Vramvrim to serve to stay in the set. Vramvrim showed, unlike in his previous major finals, that now, he is mentally in the place and gave himself a chance to finish the match in the tiebreak. Which he, like the first two and half sets, dominated and strike a final blow to the italian No. 1, 6-4 6-4 7-6.

Inseedious commending Vramvrim for his overally great performance “I would like to congratulate Vramvrim on his first Grand Slam title, something he deserved throughout many years of playing at the very top levels“ continued “Score wise, he clearly dominated the tournament, and was the one who deserved it the most.“

There is no doubt about that Vramvrim is currently best player out there as he won quite easily both big latest tournaments, World Tour finals 2016 and now Australian Open 2017. Despite that, its not sure if Vram will join upcoming M1000 in North America and its very likely he will skip entire clay season according to his words. We will then have to wait and see if he will attempt for a second major in Roland Garros or Wimbledon.



2012 Not played
2013 Winner: AlexJasmins Runner-Up: Clog
2014 Winner: Richie1308 Runner-Up: butcher
2015 Winner: Richie1308 Runner-Up: butcher
2016 Winner: Richie1308 Runner-Up: pidzi
2017 Winner: Vramvrim Runner-Up: inseedious


-pidzi, ITST News.

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