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Eloymm's Strong 2017 Entry; Not so New Newcomer Surprises
Written by pidzi
21 Jan'17 - 21:07

Start of the 2017 season was carried in a sign of established players strengthening their rank positions while also new emerging newcomers (and some not so new) making their first marks on the tour. Eloymm who is slowly making his way into the TOP 10 fas finally seized his maiden title after losing his first two finals in 2016 season, slicing through the entire tournament easily, dispatching first of the newcomers in final, Australian D@n, 6-2 6-1. At the same time, another at first thought newcomer (after a thorough investigation, it was proven he was an old player, trying for a comeback with a clean sheet) , stirred ITST waters by winning his first title right at his very first tournament appearance after gruelling three setter against TOP 10 player Filas, 4-6 6-4 7-5.


Brisbane International

Brisbane courts served as a great early way for players to getting accustomed to Australian open courts. Full draw lacked any player from top 10, but it certainly did not lack quality and promise of interesting showdowns.

In the upper half of the draw, two main favourites with best form were put in collision course for semifinal, highest seed Leonmonstroso and 3rd seed Eloymm. Both made it effortlessly into semifinal and so an expected battle  for privilige to play in final could commence. Unfortunately enough though, Leonmonstroso suffered an injury during pre-match warm up and was forced to walkover and give Eloymm  free passage for his third career final.

Bottom half, witnessed an unexpected finalist, a newcomer D@n who exploited the situation when main favourites, frenchmen Sorauze and Tdbchess gave up their matches in second and first round respectively. After two tough three setters against BlackFenix in first round and TheRetroPrime in quarterfinal and two tiebreaks setter against GoshTosunian, he made his first final in only his second tournament on the tour.

Despite great performances from Australia native, he seemingly ran out of gas after the long matches prior to the final. Eloymm experienced enough, knew exactly what to do in such situations and did not let his opponent to get into the match, dictating the play the whole time and finishing tournament flawlessly, 6-2 6-1.

Eloymm made quite an entrance with this win, boosting his confidence for currently ongoing Apia International Sydney tournament where is he right now sitting in semis waiting for his opponent and for Australian Open which has just started few hours ago.


2012 Not played
2013 Winner: spencercarlos Runner-Up: Juani (played with Elite Controls)
2014 Winner: IsniperXZ Runner-Up: MaGav
2015 Not played
2016 Winner: JasonBourne Runner-Up: Juani
2017 Winner: eloymm Runner-Up: D@n


Qatar ExxonMobil Open

Just like Brisbane, Qatar was not short on on high quality players, Filas being the only TOP 10 player participating in first week of 2017 season tournaments. Among other possible title challengers were Willito and Juani.

Filas confirmed his position and ensured final spot for himself but it was not troubleless. In Quartefinal  he was challenged hard by still rising Hykha who pushed Filas on the brink of defeat as he grabbed first set in tiebreak. Second set was another close matter but Filas succesfully turn the events in his favor finally and snapped the second set 6-4. Exhausted and disappointed after the second set, Hykha was unable to provide same level of tenis in the third set and fell easily 6-1.

Interesting situation happened in Qatar tournament where and unseeded player Andrew into the final and despite he did not have to face a single seeded player, it was still one of the most surprising runs. Despite that he was still considered as huge underdog against FIlas in final. Against all odds however, Andrew prevailed once more and beat Filas in three sets after making incrediblecomeback from one set and break in the second set, beating Filas and acquiring first title in his first tournament, 4-6 6-4 7-5.

Such performance however raised many suspicions and investigation started shortly after the final. After short time it was without any doubt proven that Andrew was an older player posing as new, hoping he could restart his career with a clean sheet, not wanting to continue with his previous alter ego Sexysova, which he abandoned several months ago. As he in the end confessed and confirmed all charges raised against him to be true, he came to an agreement with ITST management that he may continue playing as Andrew without any suspension, but his history as Sexysova will be recorded to his Andrew records, which he will also keep.

Despite this unfortunate events, its still good he made penances, regreted past mistakes and we can enjoy another good player in the field, hopefully without any more wrong doings this time.


2012 Not played
2013 Winner: AlexJasmins Runner-Up: Florian
2014 Not played
2015 Winner: MaGav Runner-Up: IsniperXZ
2016 Winner: AlexJasmins Runner-Up: jpm1989
2017 Winner: *Andrew* Runner-Up: Filas

- pidzi, ITST News.

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