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ITST Mod 1.18 is out: All matches to be played with it!
Written by VMoe86
17 Jan'17 - 11:13

It has been almost two years since the release of ITST Mod 1.17: Time for a little refresh! All matches have to be played with ITST Mod 1.18 as of today. Check inside for the release notes.

January 17th 2017: Update to ITST Mod 1.18

ITST Mod 1.18 (as Installer; 321 MB)


Classic manual install .rar archive - Use this for Mac/OSX - (270 MB) :


ITST Mod 1.18 No Ads Patch installer



- Fresh install recommended

- Simply point the installer to your TE installation folder.

- If you have the TE steam version then the installer should offer you the correct folder. In case it does not, simply point the installer to the right folder which should be ../Steam/steamApps/common/Tennis Elbow 2013.

What is new in ITST Mod 1.18?

Alphabetical Order



Lucian released new animations for del Potro and Monfils. These are in the mod and fun to use! Some characters got a different animation because the old one either did not look nice or was not good for gameplay. In the Test Build further changes have been made. Thanks to pidzi and FEDERER2 for good suggestions here!


We decided to include the following players, that are now retired or were injured. Pouille might make it into another update of ITST Mod. They are all available to be selected for tournaments. If you have picked one of the players that is now out of ITST Mod, change your character for an upcoming tournament. For an already running tournament contact me with a character change request.

IN: Davydenko, Fish, Ljubicic, Llodra, Florian Mayer, Nalbandian, Roddick, Soderling

OUT: Bellucci, Giraldo, Granollers, Lacko, Mahut, Nieminen, Troicki, Zeballos




A small selection of courts has been updated or added: For example, Mercedes Cup is now a grass tournament, Paris Masters changed its look, new tournaments like Chengdu Open and Shenzhen Open are now in there.


These are the newly added outfits:



Characters with Speed 62, 63 or 64 now have higher Tonicity, which results in Run Acceleration of at least 64. It makes these characters more comfortable to use. There are also ideas for more changes in Stats, but these require more thorough testing (for instance general increase of Power across the roster) and are likely to happen in another update.

Surface Physics

Plexicushion: A bit faster and lower bouncing than in 1.17.

Decoturf: A bit faster and higher bouncing than in 1.17. Plays closer to Cement now.

Rest of surfaces have not been changed.


The positioning for volleys is more forgiving, that is, there are less volley faults due to positioning not being optimal. Animation glitches remain, though.

Have fun!

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