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Delay of Australian Open 2017
Written by VMoe86
16 Jan'17 - 10:51

As you may have noticed, the start of the Australian Open 2017 on the ITST TE Tour has been delayed to January 20th. This is because we want to release ITST Mod 1.18 tomorrow and give you time to change characters before the start of Australian Open.

The schedule for release of ITST Mod 1.18 and start of Australian Open 2017 is as follows:

1. ITST Mod 1.18 to be released on January 17th (around 8 to 11 AM CET at the latest).

2. The new characters will then be selectable for ITST Tournaments and the characters removed from ITST Mod won't be selectable for Tournaments anymore: Make sure to change your character if he is not available in ITST Mod anymore!

3. January 20th, Draw of AO will be released in the morning hours.

4. A special offer: You can request a "Character change" until January 22nd 10 AM CET. Simply check the following thread on the ITST Forum:

Australian Open 2017

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