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Slicer, Fri 15-Jul'05

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First of all, can you tell us what your real name is, where you're from, what your age is and what you do for a living?

My name is Floris. I live in The Netherlands. Iím 18 years old and still a student so I party for a living.

How did you come up with your gamertag name?

It really was the first thing that popped into my head.

What surface do you prefer to play on?

Definitely the clay courts. For me a slower court is better then a fast one.

How did you become part of the ITST?

I had been looking for a good tennis game for ages. I had played all the classic tennis games like virtua tennis but I wanted more. I was very happy to hear that topspin was coming to the pc. Something I had been waiting for since the announcement of it for the xbox!! Im not exactly sure how I got onto the site but I think I was linked here by google after searching the exact date topspin would be released. I became a member instantly and it was agony that we had to wait even more time for the patch to come.

What can you tell us about your first match you played for the ITST?

My first regular tournament was the Australian open in which I got to the fourth round. By walkovers!! In the fourth round I met a guy named Paheldragon. I didnít know him at the time and I thought it could be a close match. I havenít been more wrong in my life. My SIM ďcareerĒ started in my own nation. The ABN Amro tournament to be precise. Although I lost in the first round its still worth mentioning as Al Jamís nice words after his 6-3 6-4 victory over me really pushed me to improve in SIM.

What is your most memorable ITST-moment?

Strangely itís a loss. My Roland Garros quarter final match versus rasta was my best SIM match until now. It had everything in it. Four sets of very high play with lots of breakpoints that were cleared, a tiebreak and great rallies made this match to my favourite ITST-moment. It stands for the way i play here on the Tour. I play for fun, to entertain myself. Im not here to win at all cost.

Which moment of your ITST-career would you rather forget?

I cant decide. At the moment im still unhappy about my fourth round loss in the Wimbledon SIM tournament. Looking at the rankings I should have won but my opponent played better in that match. My ranking will get a serious hit because of it. But I could also say my loss in the BMW open SIM final. Finally no ced or rastaman in the final but I wasnít at my best when I needed to be. I can name several more events but letís not open closed wounds to much :)

Which tournament are you looking forward to the most?

My favourite tournament of all is Roland Garros.

Who do you think will be top 3 ranked players at the end of the year?

In regular: Abuigi has already taken so many points that he will easily be in the top 3 in the end of the year. I think Pahel will finish first with Abuigi following him shortly. Third place will be Le Dieu, Al Jam, Darkman or Dave. Might Master return from his retirement he will certaintly be at least third. In SIM: Ced and Rastaman will battle it out for first place. There wont be much between them. I think the one who wins the US Open will finish first at the end of the year. There will be a lot of points that can be gathered. For third place it will be between Al Jam, Roger and Darkman. Hopefully I will be able to battle with them but the gap is big and widening. I also donít count out Sha and Federer[ITST].

What do you think your own ranking will be at the end of the year?

Around February I said to myself that top 20 in regular and top 10 in SIM would be the highest possible. Recently though I improved a lot in regular and I was able to climb up in the rankings. Im hoping for a top 8 spot but the competition for it is fierce so I would be happy with a top 15 finish to. My SIM ranking is a bit stuck at the moment. The top 5 is far away and besides Sha I donít see many competitors nearby. I could be wrong though but i'm confident for a top 8 finish.

What do you think is the best part of this Tour?

The best part of this tour is that it brings competition. This competition provides excitement. And this expands the life span of the game. Without ITST I wouldnít have played this game as long as i play it now.

Have you got any ideas to improve the Tour?

It are always the little things that separate a successful site with a unsuccessful one. The site is very good so major changes arenít the way to improve the Tour. It are the little things like these interviews with top players that make veterans still excited for another period as member and that make newcomers feel welcome at an instance. Iím eager to see what changes the premium membership will bring though. It could be very good or very bad for the site. We will see.

Is there anything left you want to say?

Maybe a bit common for someone last words in an interview but I would like to say to everybody involved in maintaining this site: Keep up the good work. And also to every player out there: Fair play is the way to play!!

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