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ITST Mod 1.22

Postby pidzi » Sat, 02 Jan 2021 14:01

ITST Mod 1.22


Hello folks. New version of ITST Mod is here. Biggest highlight of the new version is extended roster of characters from 68 to 74. Altogether we have 11 new players and 5 were removed. While this is probably biggest change as we have not seen roster extension in years, we also tried to bring the roster balance even closer to perfection than ever. With new system that weighs characters strenght, we believe we achieved very good balance in the entire roster while keeping the various archetypes and categories in place, so you can still play with style you prefer most.

We also included the latest and highest quality 2d Courts for all Grandslams, Masters 1000 and 500s category tournaments and even some 250s. Most of the roster was also updated with new Faces and Outfits and some Grunts, backgrounds and other miscellaneous stuff.

Removed Players: Ljubicic, F. Mayer, Monaco, Youzhny, Seyboth-Wild.
Added Players: Edberg, Ivanisevic, Rublev, Fish, Humbert, Ferrero, Carreno Busta, Nagal, Fucsovics, Hurkacz, Musetti

Big thanks to all testers (especially Vramvrim for his exceptional insight) for their good work, feedback and suggestions . Except Pablo (joking...or maybe not). Also thanks to rharm's scripting we were able to extend the roster.

Below are the links for either Mod installer, which will install the game for you automatically, or Mod rar file, which you can install manually if you prefer. Plus there is also a classic NoAds Patch if some prefer to play without ads. We also provide the "Ball Patch", with which you can change the color of the ball if you like. All instructions are below.



1.22 is to be used to play your official matches right from the start of the season. Thus Doha, which starts on 4th of January, will already be played with 1.22!!


I strongly recommend and emphasize for a clean and fresh install of ITST Mod 1.22. Meaning you will do best if deleting current TE2013 folder entirely and delete all of the traces of TE2013 everywhere on the PC, and only then installing fresh new Vanilla(regular) Te2013 first and after apply ITST Mod 1.22.

How to Install:

1. Fresh install of Vanilla(regular) Te2013
2. Copy key.text file into TE folder (If you are steam user, you may skip this step)
3. Run Vanilla TE2013 and in "Misc Options" turn "Advanced Settings" ON
4. Install ITST Mod 1.22 (OPTIONAL - Install No Ads Patch or Ball Patch or both)
5. Play the game and Enjoy !

Full Version of Tennis Elbow 2013

ITST Mod 1.22 Installer ... 2.exe/file
For installer, you only set the right path to TE2013 folder destination for automatic installation.

ITST Mod 1.22 .rar pack ... 2.rar/file
For manual installation. Copy all files in rar pack into the TE2013 folder.

ITST Mod 1.22 No Ads Patch ... h.exe/file

Removes Ads on backboards for 3d courts. Optional. Install it after installation of Mod 1.21.

ITST Mod 1.22 Balls Patch ... h.exe/file

Allows you to change the ball texture by modifying Mods.ini and Mods-ITST.ini. The default setting is the ball from TE in vanilla version. Thanks a lot to JasonBourne for creating the textures!

After installation, you will find the following ball texture variants in the "Mods" folder:


Just go to the texture you want to use:


Copy Mods.ini and Mods-ITST.ini from there and paste them into your TE Main Folder to replace the existing files (marked in yellow):


You can also just edit Mods.ini and Mods-ITST.ini with the ball texture you want to use.
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