TWT 2 ehhhh

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TWT 2 ehhhh

Postby GRIMMJOW2099 » Wed, 11 Nov 2020 00:01

Some of you guys may know me from playing Top Spin 4. I've been playing that game for years but I been looking for a new tennis game to play so I actually decided to purchase WTT2. There's many things that need to be fixed I'm very disappointed that after all these years no one can make a great tennis game. I'm trying to give a chance I'm playing it on a daily but it's not as fun or exciting as TS4

If anyone has brought this game let me know your thoughts. To me it seems like a watered down TS4 but others may like it
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Re: TWT 2 ehhhh

Postby antus » Sat, 21 Nov 2020 16:07

The game is disappointing for sure, but having followed it for a couple of updates, that come rather often, I must say that is is improving all the time. WIth the latest patch, Ive had several really good online matches, just as fun as I had with ts4.

Not quite like game net match on the pc, however, if you remeber that one :)
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