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ITST Mod 1.20

Postby pidzi » Sun, 26 Apr 2020 14:07

ITST Mod 1.20


After more than year and half after the 1.19 release, here comes another, now already 20th version of the mod, ITST Mod 1.20.

There were few main areas which we focused on in this version. The main focus of this version was to bring into the roster some of the remaining NextGen players which we were missing. To name few, Medvedev, de Minaur or Garin were added and some more too. Along with new players, the other focus was to add more distinction to the players via their very own animation packs. Now you may look forward for brand new animations for players like Tsitsipas, Shapovalov, Verdasco, Kyrgios, Medvedev and many more. Find them out all!. Last focus was some stat rebalancing and gameplay changes to focus more swift gameplay.
One other big improvement was added to the game, which should be appreciated mostly by doubles players, that is we added CRC check scripts for Incredible 5 CPU doubles partners, so that they will not appear as wrong CRC on scoreboards anymore and thus you will not have to check sepparetly opponents doubles partner CRC.

Big thanks to all testers who participated in beta in order to assure the needed quality of the mod and special thanks to Rharm and Pablo Hernandez for providing some good quality animations and nice new outfits for the roster respectively.

Without further delay, below are the links for either Mod installer, which will install the game for you automatically, or Mod rar file, which you can install manually if you prefer. Plus there is also a classic NoAds Patch if some prefer to play without ads.


All Tournaments starting on 27th April and after have to be played with 1.20 unless both players agreed to play with 1.19!!! All ongoing tournaments still to be played with 1.19 version unless both players agreed to play with 1.20


I strongly recommend and emphasize for a clean and fresh install of ITST Mod 1.21. Meaning you will do best if deleting current TE2013 folder entirely and delete all of the traces of TE2013 everywhere on the PC, and only then installing fresh new Vanilla(regular) Te2013 first and after apply ITST Mod 1.21.

How to Install:

1. Fresh install of Vanilla(regular) Te2013
2. Copy key.text file into TE folder (If you are steam user, you may skip this step)
3. Run Vanilla TE2013 and in "Misc Options" turn "Advanced Settings" ON
4. Install ITST Mod 1.20 ([b]OPTIONAL
- Install No Ads Patch or Ball Patch or both)
5. Play the game and Enjoy ![/b]

Full Version of Tennis Elbow 2013

ITST Mod 1.20 Installer ... 0.exe/file
For installer, you only set the right path to TE2013 folder destination for automatic installation.

ITST Mod 1.20 .rar pack ... 0.rar/file
For manual installation.

ITST Mod 1.20 No Ads Patch ... h.exe/file
Removes Ads on backboards for 3d courts. Optional. Install it after installation of Mod 1.20.

ITST Mod 1.20 Balls Patch ... h.exe/file
Allows you to change the ball texture by modifying Mods.ini and Mods-ITST.ini. The default setting is the ball from TE in vanilla version. Thanks a lot to JasonBourne for creating the textures!

After installation, you will find the following ball texture variants in the "Mods" folder:


Just go to the texture you want to use:


Copy Mods.ini and Mods-ITST.ini from there and paste them into your TE Main Folder to replace the existing files (marked in yellow):


You can also just edit Mods.ini and Mods-ITST.ini with the ball texture you want to use.
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Re: ITST Mod 1.20

Postby lolo2b » Sun, 26 Apr 2020 17:37

Hello ,
this afternoon I tried the new animations of existing players and new entrants. the animations are really beautiful and fluid. congratulations to the modders.
concerning the gameplay, first hot impression,
yes the game is faster but I also noticed that I practically made no more direct faults.
I play against the pc in incredible 1 and I beat it more easily than before.
has the gameplay been modified in this sense?
I would try later in a network if this is confirmed.
thank you for this new mod while waiting maybe one day a mod of TE4.
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Re: ITST Mod 1.20

Postby Lucian86 » Tue, 19 May 2020 13:19

Hi Pidzi

Just got back playing the game after a while.
I'm intending using this also offline. Is there a quick way to allow full customisation of the player (like hair, animations selection and so on) ? Just for mysefl

Thanks in advance
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Re: ITST Mod 1.20

Postby pidzi » Thu, 21 May 2020 22:47

Hey Lucian,

nice you stopped by and checkout latest version.
I send you PM regarding your request. :wink:
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Re: ITST Mod 1.20

Postby VMoe86 » Mon, 08 Jun 2020 14:16

Installation files have been updated with the correct CRC for Ivo Karlovic. Moreover, there is now an "ITST 1.20 Balls Patch". The ball textures were created by JasonBourne. The patch allows you to switch between the different variants by modifying Mods.ini and ITST-Mods.ini.
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Re: ITST Mod 1.20

Postby 151kbar151 » Sun, 14 Jun 2020 18:19

Why most of the players have grey-white shoes? I installed the mod on vanilla TE, so this isn't the problem.
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