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Draw Idea

Postby Daxnotgood » Mon, 04 Mar 2019 03:20

Hi everyone,

I am new to the ITST and am very excited to try and get my rank up and play as many tournaments as possible. One thing i have noticed after looking at a lot of draws is the amount of Byes in the draw. Now understandably this is due to low entry numbers which is not in control of the ITST at all. Now in saying this, draw numbers will fluctuate a lot but the points you receive do not. I think the implementation of a points scaling system would be good so the points you receive from a tournament actually reflect the difficulty of that tournament (number of players)

Here is an example:

Lets say Australian open has a 64 draw with a maximum 2000 points going to the winner. If lets say 58 people enter the draw then 58/64 = .9062 so 90.62% of the draw was filled. Then that is how much of the maximum points should be received so in this case: 2000 x .9062 = 1812.5 points for winning (round up).

However, at this stage most if not all draws are containing byes.

I think if this were to be implemented, it would help to keep rankings/points received an accurate reflection of the strength of the tournaments played. Furthermore, it would stop players climbing the ranks quickly if they were entering draws with limited players which is frustrating for players who play larger draws and may not get these "easier" points.
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