On the topic of Access Account Termination

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On the topic of Access Account Termination

Postby Otlichno » Fri, 23 Nov 2018 14:42

:mrgreen: I'm not going to come on here for at least another ten years. :twisted: :lol:

I mean, why should it all be so Compromisable in terms of Marriage, like I'd need a unread forged signature on a contract to make me play a tennis game ever again.

:| I met some really nice people in Australia :idea: :c :evil: I just hate being this jaded by superiority complex on me when I'm on court.

I don't really know any of you, I want to be banned. o:) :?? :?: :cry:

Seriously, this is not a case of seeking to be justified therapeutically either; as in, I'm not a fan of always trying to look bad on court just to help out people who seem Willing to raise me up over training people who :arrow: just have bad connection.

Please ban me permanently. :shock: :)

I am hoping for a dance game tour. :D
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Re: On the topic of Access Account Termination

Postby RafabelloBANNED » Mon, 26 Nov 2018 16:44

can change my nick to federerbelo becose make mistake when create t plsease i am from paraguay poor country i am federer fan please... nadal good nadal not good nadal not dopage not rafabelo but federerbelo please and if you have money also thank you . i like shakira and gerard pique good davis cup 2019 is itst organize davis ucp with gerard pique can u make gerard pique in itst roster as ferrar retire from roster possible to put messi ronaldo m bape iniesta in itst roster
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