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Re: Match Rules

Postby inseedious » Mon, 01 Apr 2013 20:28

A few days ago a strange thing happened to pigrosofo and me. During an exhibition, I aimed and hit the line, but there was a desync, so I just repeated the point. After the point, pigrosofo told me in an annoyed way that he had won the point because my last shot before desync was out. I took a bit to explain him that it was the cause of the desync. So i'm here to ask you how to manage these situations (it's not the first time it happens to me) and maybe add a new rule: should we assume that the host is right and other player is wrong?
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Re: Match Rules

Postby Otlichno » Tue, 09 Jul 2013 12:32

Are we allowed to read player statistics at any point in a match? :?

To be able to get exact percentages on the success rate of each of your opponents ground strokes/volleys..etc in the middle of a match seems a bit ridiculous.
I'm perfectly fine with the match statistics showing at the end of a set, but to be in a position where you're 5-5 in the third set, and your opponent checks your exact statistics to see which part of your game is failing is very frustrating and in my opinion is clear cheating.
Obviously, at the beginning of the match (first 3 games) it's perfectly fine to check CRC numbers. (if anyone forgets, they can check them at the end of the match, right?)

(Think I should make it clear that I'm not accusing anyone of doing this, but I realized this was possible while checking CRC Numbers myself.)
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Re: Match Rules

Postby campa100anni » Fri, 13 Dec 2013 18:21

djarvik wrote:
- Short Slices

Short slices affect mainly people who camp far behind the baseline, or return from very far. I do understand that at another tour this shot may have been too powerful, but with ITSTs roster and weaker strokes, this shot is less effective and a lot of times is rather attackable, as opposed to being neutral or offensive. I think the balance is there for players that stay relatively close to the baseline in an effort to emulate the real life tennis game play

I read all this topic but still didn't understand if short slices are allowed or not.

In my opinion short slices should always be allowed, because the opponent has always the chanche to counter it and play a powerful shot out of it. The only situation where a player can't reach a short slice is when he stays 2 meters behind the baseline and this, honestly, should be his business and his only. If I push my opponent out of the court, and I earn 2 meters of free court, why shouldn't I take advantage of this? My opponent is not behind the baseline because his gamepad is not working, he's there because I pushed him so far and I still have the chance to take advantage out of my own strategy. It's not totally true that my opponent can't understand how deep the slice is gonna be, of course it can't see it when the shot leaves my racquet but he can see it on the ball's way to the ground.

I wonder why short slices should be considered cheesy game BUT short cross-angles shoot are not. Both shoots take advantage from my opponent's position behind the baseline, giving him a short ball that he has to catch before it bounces twice. I repeat, if I force my opponent out of the court, if I was good enough to push him so far, why shouldn't I take advantage from my own aggressive-strategy? We always say that this game is too easy for defenders, of course new players will grow up as defenders if any try to take them closer to the baseline is forbidden or not allowed.

I heard that one of the reason why these kind of shots are forbidden (even drop-shots when they are used too much) is that new-players usually stand behind the baseline as they are not very reactive and they could get annoyed by taking too many winners quitting the game and never coming back. Well, we could just not allow any short slice and drop-shot spamming in FUTURES and CHALLENGERS so that new players would have the chance and the time to learn how to play basic shots without any frustrating feeling of losing too many point in the same way (and plus they can still set up exhibition matches against each other obviously). But in great tournaments (atp 500, 1000 and grand slams most of all), according to me there is no reason to deny the chance to hit some tricky shot, even 4, 5 or 6 consecutive if a player wants to. Right now there is no difference between a future final and a Grand Slam Final, honestly. The only difference is the lenght of the rallies but apart from that, we can see the same kind of points in a match between number 120 and 125 and in another match between number 1 or 2 (nothing personal agains Richie and Vramvrim, I don't even know them, I'm just making an example). In real tennis go to see a future final and then a Grand Slam Final and you'll se how different they are. Of course better players are so good because they can handle with tricky shots and they can come-up with very special and spectacular shots, that's why they are so good. If you are a good player, that means that you can handle with different style of players, you can always turn the bad situations at your side and no matter what the opponent will come up with, you will always find a way through to win the match.

It's like playing against CPU: at beginner level it will only put the ball in play but at Incredible 10 he will come up with short slices, drop shots, incredible cross-court winners, thats what makes the challenge more and more consistent, match after match.
Lobbing when the player is not at the net should still be considered cheesy I think, but only because Tennis Elbow Itself doesn't allow you to play a confortable smash out of a lob at the baseline, so it could be seen almost like a bug of the game or something (I know it's not a proper bug, but it's just to keep it clear). Same thing for drop-shotting when a player is at the net, for the same reason: a lot of times trying to hit an acceleration will send the ball 3 meters out of the court, another thing very similar to a bug, that's why it should be forbidden. But there is nothing wrong tecnically with hitting back a short slice, except from the expectation of my opponent who is expecting me to play a long and deep shot. But this is the essence of tennis: reading your opponent's mind and trying to come up with something he doesn't expect. Being forced to play 2 or 3 drop shots or short slice per set (or more, I don't know but you get the point anyway) means putting a brake to my creativity, to my game and forcing me to play like my opponent wants me to.

It's like saying: "ok, let's play a match but you can't hit the ball to my backhand because I have a really bad backhand. You can only play to my forehand and let's see who will win". Of course YOU will win, because you are forcing me to play at your best conditions. I should be allowed, instead, to try something different if I say that (example) I can't win the point against my opponent from the baseline. If I start a match and lose the first 10 points from the baseline what should I do when I realize that my opponent is stronger than me? Should I quit the match? Or should I keep playing just to waste time, since he is too strong for me and he's gonna win 100 points out of 100 just punching from the baseline? There should be a third chance, according to me. I should be allowed to try something different, to switch my game and force him to play a kind of tennis that he doesn't like, which (by the way) is excactly what he's been doing to me from the beginning of the match.

This was a very long post, sorry about that, but I really find myself wondering why this happens, sometimes :c
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Re: Match Rules

Postby VMoe86 » Fri, 27 May 2016 21:49

New Rule added:

Continuously disrespecting your opponent by either not showing up or being late for a scheduled match will result in a suspension from ITST.
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Re: Match Rules

Postby DaemoN » Sat, 10 Sep 2016 20:45

Good Vmoe!

I'm going through a situation like right now.

It is disrespectful to the opponent and ITST community.

Schedule a game and let the opponent waiting like an idiot.

I think it's even worse than disrespect him in words.
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Re: Match Rules

Postby namestio » Tue, 27 Jun 2017 15:55

Are there any illegal serves? I had an opponent yesterday who claimed that a slice topspin combination is not allowed in ITST, which surprised me because almost every opponent I meet uses that serve.
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Re: Match Rules

Postby isaldor » Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:17

There's no illegal serves as long as you're not serving from the extreme wide corners of the court.
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Re: Match Rules

Postby namestio » Tue, 27 Jun 2017 21:18

isaldor wrote:There's no illegal serves as long as you're not serving from the extreme wide corners of the court.

ok thanks. was just wondering as that guy kept spamming the "this shot is not allowed" chat command
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