US Open Final

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And the winner is...

Avinash Patel
Total votes : 25

Postby Rob ITST » Mon, 03 Oct 2011 20:53

Well put, and nice to see you around Al (my first "mentor" here).

How you doin'? Playing any Topspin? You're not here managing anymore, so I guess your sanity is intact. :P
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Postby Ibooman » Mon, 03 Oct 2011 23:22

Massive respect moralspain, top fella!
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Postby Al » Tue, 04 Oct 2011 13:23

Rob ITST wrote:Well put, and nice to see you around Al (my first "mentor" here).

How you doin'? Playing any Topspin? You're not here managing anymore, so I guess your sanity is intact. :P

Hey mate! I'm not doing too bad thanks, hope you're doing well.

Funnily enough I do play TS4 but rarely online these days....I play offline quite alot BUT I'm soooo rubbish at it! I don't know why but I struggle massively to be any good at this game....even on Hard level I'm useless! lol

Unfortunately I don't really have much time to commit to tournaments these days & I couldn't do what you guys do anymore with managing etc.....all I'll say is put some money away to pay for all the therapy you'll need if & when you retire from here! :wink:
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Postby Berson » Sat, 15 Jan 2022 02:49

Baghdad Baghdatis wrote:Sorry I have been a way a bit too long off the forum but is this turning into some form of joke or something? Are really some people that stupid that they can't see what is going on here?

Now believe it or not I am actually not bias in the slightest, long standing ITST member / news writer or not. However some of the crap I have seen on here against ITST lately it simply absurd.

Lets cuts to the chase, on the above MoralSpain (Xavi) is the best person I have come across on this site, a gentleman by name and a good online friend since I joined. So he blows up when one too many insults come his way, so flipping what eh? Anyone who knows him and this site are right behind him, management or no management. I am all for name dropping in this one because I have am really losing my tether: Dapery, what are you talking about, use your brain and read the posts man, a random loser (probably someone like Berson, Equitendallas or some other pond life) is creating an account on 1st October as "you jobless" as you think this kind of person deserves any respect if he is antagonizing people? :roll:

On the Berson subject, I until all of this thought the guy was decent, just like Anil did, however I was obviously fooled, just like I was by Equitendallas and believe you me people like this troll, cheese, lie and are generally bad for site likes this, including Holla Itz Mike. I was world number 1 SIM TS3 but that does not grant me a free ticket to start making havoc on the world. The decisions that this site is making are well thought out, forget how you come across these banned or suspended members in PM's or how they hit a forehand, it is how they conduct themselves behind the scenes and therefore let the people who voluntary run this site (and do a cracking job of it) get on with running this site.

Baghdad (albeit a rather drunk Baggy :? )

Fun fact for you Baghdad ask me if it was okay for him to write it as he needs to save his spot
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