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Written by Cro Morgan
07 Feb'06 - 17:39

Bad news for the members of the ITST: Fred Belin is playing the best tennis of his career and is currently toying with both the Singles and Sim tour.

After winning the Australian Open Singles crown earlier in the day, Fred Belin showered and then walked to the Sim court. In front of a capacity crowd assembled at Olympic Park Stadium, Belin bowled over a well rested Egesame, winning the Australian Open Sim title in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4, 7-5.

The match was close throughout but Fred Belin never allowed his opponent to gain the upper hand. When Egesame raised his game, Belin raised his game a notch higher.

Both players were asked to comment after their championship match. Both players declined.

Fred Belin's triumphs in Melbourne were very satisfying for the much maligned Frenchman. Belin struggled in the latter part of 2005 and again, early in the new year. The press hounded Belin and he faced numerous "performance enhancing" accusations. After losing to Egesame in January, the pride of France could have succumbed to the pressure. He didn't. Instead, the resilient Belin fought back and now finds himself ranked No. 1 on both the Singles and Sim circuit.

Hoping to pad his rankings lead, Fred Belin maintained his hectic pace, immediately flying from Australia to the United States to compete in the Delray Beach tournament. Belin's rivals have promised a better effort and will attempt to dismantle the World No. 1 at Delray. Belin has other plans.

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