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We have been serving the tennis gaming community since the release of the original Top Spin game in 2003.

The ITST is unique in that it follows, exactly, the ATP and WTA tours; hosting tournaments that parallel the real life tournaments contested by tennis professionals. The ITST ranking system also mirrors the ranking system of the ATP and WTA. In short, we do our very best to blur the line between gaming fantasy and tennis reality.

It costs nothing to join the ITST. Membership is free.

If you have questions about any aspect of the site, please contact a member of the Management Team: VMoe86,isaldor or djarvik.


Latest Scores: 16.7.20-5:24 Hamburg Open (MSS) R32: FEDERER2-Michael.D 4-6, 6-1, 6-1 +++ 15.7.20-22:53 Futures GEORGIA F1 45+ (MSS) Quarter-Finals: Paolix200-francescotennis7 6-3, 4-1 +++ 15.7.20-21:26 Hamburg Open (MSS) R32: AlexJasmins-stkst 6-0, 6-0 +++ 15.7.20-21:05 Challengers Braunschweig Germany 20+ (MSS) Quarter-Finals: Ronnie The Rocket-Steffplawusan7 6-2, 6-4 +++ 15.7.20-20:54 Wimbledon (MSS) Quarter-Finals: isaldor-leonmonstroso 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 +++ 15.7.20-20:44 Challengers Braunschweig Germany 20+ (MSS) Quarter-Finals: AlexJasmins-FEDERER2 6-4, 6-0 +++ 15.7.20-19:38 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships (MSS) R16: Misha-gonx88 6-2, 6-2 +++ 15.7.20-17:05 Wimbledon (MSS) Quarter-Finals: talwoutte-iNoob 6-2, 6-3, 6-1 +++ 15.7.20-10:15 Hamburg Open (MSS) R32: Hoffi CZ (Chardy)-Mat_pys34 7-6, 6-1 +++ 15.7.20-3:33 Hamburg Open (MSS) R32: Paolix200-Puchi 6-4, 7-6

Pre-Wimbledon Summary
Men's Singles Pro: 16 Jul'20 - 12:52
Said's double, Omeyer's maiden main title, TesterAVI keeps rolling. That's how the grass seaon could be summarized in short. Tester captured his first 500s grass title beating Richie in final easily, dealing Richie out one the toughest losses in his career, 6-2 6-0. Omeyer lifted his first title of this season and his career, showing grass suits him well, beating TheRetroPrime in close 7-6 6-3 fashion. Last and biggest highlight of the grass season is for sure huge level spike showed by Said, who backed it up by by winning his first two titles of his career. First in Garry Weber Open, 500s, beating resurging Kenos 6-4 6-2 and second in Mallorca week after, beating AlexJasmins 6-3 3-1 ret. More
TesterAVIs's First is the Charm
Men's Singles Pro: 27 Jun'20 - 17:14
First slam final, first slam title. Such is the experience of spaniard TesterAVI from the Roland Garros 2020 edition. Tester, a notorious and best out there Nadal user, is the first spanish player to lift the Grandslam trophy over the head. Going against all odss and overcoming all the trammels thrown at him on the way to final, he pulled of his best game in the final against currently reigning Australian Open champion Talwoutte, defeating him 7-5 4-6 6-4 6-1. More
History in Making
Men's Singles Pro: 16 Jun'20 - 15:06
Clay season is coming to its end and with Rome final played, only Roland Garros final is ahead of us.  Rome final was historical in few ways. First, its the only M1000 tournament which has been won four times by a single player, Richie1308. The other record, also achieved by Richie now, is being the first historical clay M1000 Triple Crown. Richie gradually beat IsniperXZ in Monte Carlo and Madrid final and finally Pablo Hernandez in Rome. Richie beat Pablo convincingly 6-4 6-4. More
Pablo Hernandez Cements His Clay Level
Men's Singles Pro: 10 Jun'20 - 13:31
Another day, another clay title for Pablo. It is already his third crown on clay this season thus far. This time AlexJasmins, who is making comeback of his own, stood in his way as last obstacle. Despite Alexjasmins quickly regaining his usual gameplay from the past, he could not hold his ground against big hitting Pablo, who won the final twice 6-2. More
Men's Singles Pro - PLAYER SPOTLIGHT - TALWOUTTE (09 Jun'20 - 21:38)
Men's Singles Pro - Richie Eyes Clay M1000 Triple Crown (30 May'20 - 20:39)
Men's Singles Pro - PLAYERS SPOTLIGHT - PIDZI (25 May'20 - 22:18)
Men's Singles Pro - PLAYER SPOTLIGHT - MOHD954 (25 May'20 - 21:57)
Men's Singles Pro - Roland Garros 2020 Preview (24 May'20 - 16:08)
Men's Singles Pro - Madrid Blockbuster Final Ahead (23 May'20 - 10:57)
Men's Singles Pro - Pablo Hernandez Digs Out Past Form (22 May'20 - 19:07)
Men's Singles Pro - ITST Mod 1.20 Released ! (26 Apr'20 - 19:43)
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Tournaments in signup... (Worldwide, Men's Singles)
Olympic Games
Men's Singles Pro
20 Jul'20 .. 09 Aug'20
ITST World Tour 500 (56 draw), Blue Green Decoturf (TE)
SIGNUP! (10 open spaces)

Futures USA F20 45+
Men's Singles Pro
21 Jul'20 .. 06 Aug'20
Future (16 draw), Cement (TE)
SIGNUP! (16 open spaces)

BBT Atlanta Open
Men's Singles Pro
27 Jul'20 .. 12 Aug'20
ITST World Tour 250 (32 draw), Blue Green Decoturf (TE)
SIGNUP! (32 open spaces)

Futures AUSTRIA F5 45+
Men's Singles Pro
28 Jul'20 .. 13 Aug'20
Future (16 draw), Clay (TE)
SIGNUP! (16 open spaces)

Citi Open
Men's Singles Pro
03 Aug'20 .. 19 Aug'20
ITST World Tour 500 (32 draw), Blue Green Decoturf (TE)
SIGNUP! (32 open spaces)

Futures USA F22 45+
Men's Singles Pro
04 Aug'20 .. 20 Aug'20
Future (16 draw), Cement (TE)
SIGNUP! (16 open spaces)

Rogers Cup
Men's Singles Pro
10 Aug'20 .. 30 Aug'20
ITST World Tour 1000 (48 draw), Blue Green Decoturf (TE)
SIGNUP! (48 open spaces)

Futures POLAND F7 45+
Men's Singles Pro
11 Aug'20 .. 27 Aug'20
Future (16 draw), Clay (TE)
SIGNUP! (16 open spaces)

Western and Southern Open
Men's Singles Pro
17 Aug'20 .. 06 Sep'20
ITST World Tour 1000 (64 draw), Blue Green Decoturf (TE)
SIGNUP! (64 open spaces)

Futures HUNGARY F6 45+
Men's Singles Pro
18 Aug'20 .. 03 Sep'20
Future (16 draw), Clay (TE)
SIGNUP! (16 open spaces)

Tournaments in signup... (Worldwide, Men's Doubles)
Olympic Games
Men's Doubles
20 Jul'20 .. 11 Aug'20
ITST World Tour 500 (32 draw), Blue Green Decoturf (TE)
SIGNUP! (32 open spaces)

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