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ITST is a non-profit organisation. It's run entirely by volunteers who are more then happy to share their time to running this great place. Unfortunately, maintaining and upgrading a website does not come without a cost. We do have some advertisements but we choose not to let this become too much. We have recently chosen to discontinue the Premium Membership and open it to every member. If you choose to make a donation to ITST we will use this money to make ITST an even better place!

If you decide to become a benefactor you will of course be honoured by us. This will include: A special avatar on our forums(which you do not have to use. You can also upload your own instead), a bronze/silver/gold medal on your personal page depending on the amount of money you'll donate and a recognition on the members page.

You will get a bronze medal if you donate any amount of money between 2.50 and 7.49 Euros. If you donate an amount between 7.50 and 14.99 Euros you'll get a silver medal. A gold medal will be yours if you donate 15 Euros or more.

To be able to donate money you'll have to have a PayPal account. You can register for a PayPal account for free on www.paypal.com if you haven't got one yet.

If you would like to make a donation without using PayPal, do not click the button below but send an e-mail or personal message to one of the ITST Managers.


Click the button below to make your donation.

Please make sure to fill in your Gamertag when asked for!


Thanks in advance for your contribution!

€ 2,50 - € 7,49 € 7,50 - € 14,99 € 15 or more



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